The Counselling Department at ICS supports all students in the areas of academics, social-emotional well-being, and careers/future planning.

Social, Emotional & Academic Counselling

The counselling services at ICS assist students with personal, social and academic development. Giving support with transition and adjustment to the students and parents who are new to ICS is as important as guiding the students and parents through childhood and adolescent issues and the different expectations of the Primary Years, Middle Years and the Diploma programmes.

The counsellors work with teachers, students, parents and external agencies. Anyone can reach out to counsellors for consultation or guidance. Counselors support students in grade level lessons, in small groups, and individually.

The counselling programme’s aim is to enable all students to become productive, self confident, well-balanced individuals, who can realise their own potential and integrate into a multicultural community.


Providing necessary support for students 

Learning Support

Counselling services

Counsellors work with students on many issues, including the following:

  • transitions
  • friendship and navigating social dynamics
  • behaviour management
  • emotional management
  • resilience and mindset
  • motivation
  • organization and planning
  • study skills
  • goal setting