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We believe that learning happens both in and outside of the classroom. At ICS, students benefit from learning in many different ways, and our classroom work is combined with activities to help all learners build skills and confidence.

Our students have fantastic opportunities to extend their learning - from athletics to art, music, theatre, and design. These programmes enable students to express their unique views and learn to connect with the world and others in new, insightful, and empathetic ways. Our rich extra-curricular programme offers activities in music, theatre, visual arts, technology, wellness, speech and debate, and sports activities.



At ICS, we understand the importance of physical activity and sports in a student’s life. Along with the compulsory PE programme which emphasises the importance of life-long fitness, ICS also offers a comprehensive competitive athletics programme. Being part of a sports team instils attributes such as commitment, organisation, teamwork, and leadership. Students carry these traits into life after ICS.

Performing Arts 

In Theatre Arts, students have the opportunity to participate in shows at the school, as well as in festivals run by the International Schools' Theatre Association.


We offer many opportunities for students across the school to pursue their passion for music, both inside and outside ICS. Alongside class lessons, we offer many extra-curricular opportunities for students to take part in ensemble music-making.

Visual Arts

We understand and value the importance of the arts in both a student’s academic and personal life. ICS offers a comprehensive Arts Programme across our Primary and Secondary Schools, providing rich opportunities for artistic, intellectual and academic development. From art and painting to digital skills, there are plenty of opportunities for students to explore their interests.

Design and Technology

Design & Technology at ICS is about communication and sharing concepts. The best ideas come from conversations and testing whether concepts are viable in the real world.

Field Trips and Experiential Learning

We provide a variety of outdoor activities, cultural experiences, and educational fieldwork for students throughout the year from Grades 2 to 11. Activities such as residential field trips and one-day curricular trips have a powerful effect on your student's development, and students value the chance to collaborate with their friends in a setting outside the classroom. This is an opportunity for students to learn first-hand about something in a different and real-life context.


After School Clubs are a great extension of the classroom curriculum. Students can use them for additional support in a topic or to build expertise in a skill they already know well. Through extra-curricular activities, our students explore new interests and form strong bonds with classmates. These activities support academic performance by developing skills in time management, organisation, and responsibility. 



ICS Field Trips

At ICS, we combine our classroom work with outdoor activities to help students build skills and confidence beyond the school walls.

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Sports at ICS

We understand the importance of physical activity in a student’s life, and offer a comprehensive Physical Education and Athletics Programme.

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Arts at ICS

Students at ICS develop an understanding and appreciation of a variety of art forms - from visual arts to drama and music.