Sports Teams

Sports Teams

We offer fourteen different sports across three seasons. Each sport has a team suitable for every ability level.

Team Details

Varsity Boys' Soccer


The Varsity Boys' Soccer Team practices two times a week and plays 4-6 weekday games and 2-3 tournaments per season. They are a competitive team in all of their leagues

2019 Highlights

The Varsity Boys’ Soccer demonstrated throughout the season that they can compete at a high level.  Their highlights were a tough loss to a very strong ZIS squad where the boys controlled most of the game but were unlucky throughout the match with some posts hit and a goalie who made some great saves.  They ended the season strong with a tough 1-0 win over a strong team from Basel, where ICS controlled the play for most of the game. Well done to the boys.

2018 Highlights

  • 2nd place ISSL

  • 3rd place SGIS Championships at Tenero

2017 Highlights

including the ISSL where they finished in 2nd place in 2017, SGIS, and ESSL.

Please see more details by clicking this link - Practices

Tuesday - 16:30-18:00, Rüterwies
Wednesday - 16:30-18:00, ICS Field