Winter Sports Watch at ICS

Winter Sports Watch at ICS

As the restrictions on school sports activities continue, our ICS Athletes demonstrate a genuine sense of perseverance and an unwillingness to be discouraged.

Winter Sports Watch at ICSLimitations on activities within practices as well as the cancellation of games and competitions continue to be difficult for our athletes.  However, despite the complications of a global pandemic, ICS coaches and athletes have been working hard to improve in their individual disciplines and we commend our athletes for their positive attitude. Each and every one of our coaches and athletes have turned this unprecedented situation it into an opportunity to grow and develop.

With regular practices becoming impossible due to the tight restrictions placed on the sports program, the ICS athletic community is making use of the practice interruptions by honing their understanding of the mechanics and intricacies of their sport with skills, drills and theory! Pandemic restrictions have resulted in a “slowing down” of sports, giving ICS coaches an unparalleled opportunity to pay attention to the details. The benefits have been huge and our athletes are learning in new ways. 

Basketball teams across the high school have taken this opportunity to really examine the minor details and to perfect the execution of their shooting technique.

Although our Swim Teams have had to switch to dry land training, the squad have still been focusing on the four strokes and developing ways to lengthen and add power to their arm movements.  It may look funny to be doing these movements on land, but the students remain hopeful and are excited to see how this will translate into the water later on in the season.

In Badminton, the least affected of all the sports, the participation and enthusiasm of our athletes is as strong as ever. Internal team competitions can take place, making that “number one spot” on both the Boys’ & Girls’ side of the draw hotly contested!

Thankfully, despite changes in restrictions our Ski Team have been able to keep skiing. The team’s dry land training, which includes squats, lunges and planks, has been paying off when the team hits the beautiful Swiss slopes. Heading into their 4th practice session, the skiers have been working on their approach lines to gates, powering out of turns and aerodynamic streamlining on pistes. This season, various intervals of intense snowfall in the mountains have blanketed the slopes in powdery white all around the country, and it appears that our skiers are in for the best snow conditions in years!

And last but not least, our Grade 2-3 and Grade 4-5 Indoor Soccer Teams have been working enthusiastically to improve individual and team skills to beat defenders in a one-on-one situation and navigate pressure situations with ease. Footwork and passing drills help train our young athletes to step onto the field with confidence.

Information on goal setting, mental edge and competitive advantages is available on “The Complete Athlete” - a website regularly used by ICS coaches and athletes alike to help improve performance.

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