Sensational Soccer Start for ICS G6 Girls!

Sensational Soccer Start for ICS G6 Girls!

The ICS G6 Soccer Team had an extraordinary start to the soccer season!

What a way to start the season! The ICS G6 Girls' Soccer Team scored a victory over the Basel Middle School B Team with a confident 3:0.

With Ruhani scoring the first two goals of the season, all the girls relied on their strengths and surprised a strong Basel team with their agility and speed!

As the first half came to an end, Svea scored the third goal with excellent assists coming from Molly, Ella C, Kaia and Sophia.

Throughout the match, L-J, Ella B, Sophia and Julia drove the ball forward, while Barkha and Renske made it difficult for Basel to reach the goal, which was well guarded by Vitto.

Newcomers Elise and Sara participated in their first match with the ICS girls' soccer team and showed great understanding of the game.

Well done to the entire team and best of luck for a successful soccer season!

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