Game, Set and Match – It's Time for Tennis!

Game, Set and Match – It's Time for Tennis!

The ICS Tennis team had a very successful start to their season this month, playing against Basel.

ICS Tennis Team

15 very enthusiastic members of the Middle School Boys' and Girls' tennis teams have played their first friendly game of the season against Basel. The ICS team is made up of a group of racquet enthusiasts who enjoy every opportunity for a competitive tennis experience!

In the first MS Tennis event of the season, our athletes played in both singles and doubles matches in order to be able to gather sufficient experience to play in future tournaments at their fullest potential. Both the ICS girls and boys won their singles matches, with Mia W and Solen M winning their matches 6-0 and 6-4 respectively, and Scott N and Filippo W winning 6-0 and 6-2.

Our doubles teams also performed well: Solen M/Almudena M won 6-1; Paloma M/ Almudena M won 6-0; Margherita d S/Juana K had a 6-3 win and Nathan M/Jippe J won their match with a 6-2 score. We only had two loses in the boys' teams - one of them in tie break.

The ICS Tennis team is made up of athletes with varied levels of experience, but each individual player shows great commitment and excellent team spirit. The coaches, the team and the ICS community are looking forward to a fantastic tennis season.

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