Our membership in four leagues allows students to participate in both friendly local matches and also test their skills at higher levels of competition throughout Switzerland and the rest of Europe.

sports team, international school


The ISSL (International School Sports League) is a new league that has been set up between our five ‘local’ schools in the eastern part of Switzerland. These schools are ICS, ISZL, ZIS, IS Basel, and TASIS. These schools have always played friendly matches during the week and in cluster tournaments on Saturdays. Some of these games and clusters are designated to count towards the ISSL league championship standings. The winning team will have their name engraved on and keep a travelling championship plaque for the year and will pass it on to the following year’s champions.

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SGIS is the Swiss Group of International Schools which is an organization of International Schools in Switzerland which supports the member schools and provides opportunities in a variety of areas such as curriculum and sports. There are over 40 schools which compete in the various tournaments organized by the SGIS Athletics Committee over the year. There are tournaments in most of the sports offered by ICS in six age categories ranging from Primary to High School.

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SCIS is the Sports Council of International Schools. This is a European sports conference which has 13 member schools from seven countries which organizes tournaments over the course of the year in nine sports over three age categories in Middle and High School.

athletes playing in a soccer tournament, international schoolESSL

ESSL is the European Schools Sports League. The 2017-18 school year is the first year ICS will be competing in this conference which involves 6 schools from three countries. This European League is for Varsity Level Soccer and Basketball for boys and girls.