Developing values and skills through leadership, teamwork and commitment

Being part of a sports team instills attributes such as commitment, organization, team work, and leadership. Students carry these traits into life after ICS.

athlete taking part in a sports event

At ICS we understand the importance of physical activity and sport in a student’s life. Along with the compulsory PE programme from Preschool & Kindergarten to Grade 12 which emphasizes the importance of life-long fitness, ICS also offers a comprehensive competitive sports programme.

ICS athletes put in great performances during the autumn, spring and summer seasons, on the football pitch, volleyball or tennis courts, or participating in cross-country meets. More importantly sportsmanship is evident at all meets where participants are cheered on by supporters who follow the coaches' call to please wear orange and cheer loudly,

"Go Tigers, Go!"

The ICS Athletics programme focuses on the development of our athletes and teams and on enjoyment of sport. We also impart a strong sense of sportsmanship and fair play in our athletes – a quality for which we are well known within our sport conferences. This approach has led to some great success for our teams and has also led to great participation rates.

Being part of the Track and Field team is not always easy. It is a team sport when you train, but when you are at the starting line of a race, or in the pit set to throw, you are all alone. The only way to feel confident at that moment is by knowing that you have the spirit to compete, the perseverance to prepare and the resilience to handle the outcome.
Mr Bumgarner, Middle School Teacher and Track and Field Coach

Sports Offerings

ICS offers a diverse sports programme which allows our students to pursue their passion in a particular sport and also allows them to try new sports and possibly find another activity they can take with them into the next phases of their lives.

Each year, we have 60% of students taking part in at least one sport team, which is quite exceptional for a non-compulsory programme, 44 teams across 3 seasons, 64 coaches, and a total of 480 students participating across Primary, Middle and High School.

Season Primary Middle School High School
Autumn / Fall
(End of August -
Mid - November)
Uni-Hockey (G4-5)
Cross Country (G2-5)
Cross Country
Girls' Volleyball
Cross Country
(Mid - November -
Mid - March)
Swimming (G3-5)
Indoor Football (G2-5)
Track and Field (G3-5)
(Mid - March - End of May)
Track and Field (G3-5) Track and Field
Track and Field


Our membership in three Leagues allows students to participate in both friendly local matches and also test their skills at higher levels of competition throughout Switzerland and the rest of Europe.

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Sports at ICS

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I like swimming because it’s fun, I get exercise and I like being in a team. I swim four days a week – for my club and school.
John G, Grade 4 student

I swim because I love being part of a team and helping everyone in the team reach their best times. The training is demanding because it requires you to get up at 6:00 most mornings – it requires discipline.
Jerry M, Grade 12 student
Volleyball for me is a sport I love to play but an activity that allows me to meet new people and create amazing memories with my team.
Emma H, Grade 11 student