Spring Break Activities

 Spring Break Activities

Based on the overwhelmingly positive results of a parent survey taken during the first weeks of our ICS Learning@Home Programme, ICS was able to offer students from Preschool to Grade 12 five days of extra-curricular additional activities during week two of the Spring Break. 

35 Complimentary Virtual Activities

Upon evaluating the results of the parents’ survey ICS responded quickly, liaising with our trusted providers and putting together five days of activities in keeping with the ideals of developing the whole child within the ICS culture of learning, high expectations, and care. The virtual activities on offer were specifically selected to support our students’ interests and develop their creative thinking, flexibility, agility and self-reflection skills.

Activities offered by our External Providers

From Preschool through Grade 12, our students signed up for one or more of the 35 complimentary activities organized by ICS in collaboration with many of our extra-curricular external partners such as TechSpark Academy, Close Encounters Theatre and many other providers.

Many students chose physical activities such as Zumba and Pilates, which benefited their fitness, well-being and relaxation. Preschool, Kindergarten and Primary students in Grades 1-5 could start their day of activities with a Yoga session, while Secondary students participated in a Creating with Shapes course or trained their voices with Singing Talents.

On a typical Spring Break activities morning, our Primary and Secondary students were introduced to Piano or Brass Instruments, took part in Just Dance or participated in Game Design 101 and Code in Python. The Creative Drawing and Book Illustration sessions were very well attended, as were the midday Kitchen Fun cooking courses, in which students not only learned about sourcing healthy ingredients for their meals but practised safe cutting techniques and accurate measuring skills as well. Our Grade 11 and 12 students were able to take advantage of revision courses focusing on the IB subjects of Physics, Biology and Math, and could also register for a Theatre On-Line activity or a Pilates course.

Discovering Worlds

Extraordinary situations require extraordinary solutions and judging by the positive feedback received from ICS parents and students alike, the 2020 Spring Break activities were a resounding success. They allowed our students to explore new interests and enrich their curricular programme. In addition, by engaging with courses such as Storytelling or Chinese culture and language, many students discovered worlds they had not come in contact with before.

Taking Full Advantage of Online Learning

TechSpark also participated in the Virtual Activities Spring Break organized by ICS at no additional cost to students. Over 60 students from Grades 3 and up enjoyed Game Design 101 or an Introduction to Python (computer coding). Split into five different classes, students received high levels of personalized instruction. The chat and “share screen” functions of video conferencing leant themselves well to this subject matter.

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