School Bus Service

School Bus Service

ICS encourages students where possible to use public transport links to school. In addition, to provide a more environmentally-friendly alternative to arriving by private car, ICS runs a school bus service.students arriving to school by school bus, international school

Please check with the Primary office to find the bus route applicable for your area.

Using the school bus service

Families register by filling in the School Bus Form if they would like their children to use the bus service.

Only families who pay the bus fees are able to use the bus. However, if a casual ride is required on a school bus, notification must be received at the Primary Office two days in advance. The cost for use is CHF 14 per trip and school bus tickets can be obtained at the Primary Office. Children are only allowed on the school bus with a valid ticket and if space is available.

Public Transportation to ICS

Where possible, we encourage families to take advantage of Zurich's excellent public transportation system

Getting Around Zurich & Switzerland

Primary Drop Off

We also operate a morning drop off service for families who bring their children to school by private vehicle.