Drop-off and pick-up for the Digital and Football camps are at the ICS campus. Please see here for directions to ICS by public transportation.

Autumn Holiday Camps

Autumn Holiday Camps 

ICS, TechSpark Academy, InterSoccer and Stork International Tennis Academy offer holiday camps during the autumn holiday break. 

ICS Discovery Camp

The ICS Discovery Camp offers children ample opportunities to play, learn new games, take part in drama activities, sing songs, and explore their world while participating in supervised indoor and outdoor activities. Explorations and adventures in the nearby forest include science and environmental studies. 

Digital Camp

Web Development (ages 11+): Students are introduced to web development using HTML and CSS to build a webpage, photo gallery and their own version of Instagram.

Animations & Game Development (ages 6-11): 
Students create interactive games and animations and learn to think creatively, work collaboratively and reason systematically.

Football Camp

This camp is perfect for boys and girls of all abilities. Qualified football coaches offer structured fun programmes for different ages and abilities which improve children's skills and technique through small-sided games.

Tennis Camp

These camps are designed to maximise fun, exercise and improvement and are for beginners to advanced competitive players. Taught by certified professional coaches, the camps include Singles and Doubles Play with Coaches' analysis.

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