Time Schedule

Drop off from 08:00 to 09:00

Camp programme and activities from 09:00 to 16:00

Pick up from 16:00 to 18:00


Drop off and pick up will be at the ICS campus. Please see here for directions to ICS by public transportation.


ICS Summer Day Camps for Children

Come join us for the ICS Summer Camps 2018. We will host a series of differently themed day camps for children aged 3 to 12 years old starting from Monday 25 June until Friday 27 July.

Choose from any week or register for all 5 weeks and get the most out of your summer holidays. Camps will be run by counsellors bilingually in German and English. Children must be toilet trained and able to take care of their toileting needs.

Cost for one week is CHF 575 per child. This price includes field trips and an afternoon snack. Children bring their own morning snack and a packed lunch.

A confirmation email is sent to you when your registration is complete. You will receive an invoice from the Finance Department following your registration.

Space is limited with ICS parents given priority registration. ICS families, please see the link below to register your child. Registration opens Monday 28 May at 10:00.

ICS Families
Register for Camps

Families not registered at ICS (Visiting Families), registration opens Friday 1 June at 13:00.

Visiting Families
Register for camps

If you would like further information, kindly send an email to summercamp@icsz.ch.

Pirates Camp

Ages 3-5

We have found a pirate’s treasure map and lo and behold, it’s hidden somewhere at the ICS Summer Camp! Get ready to embark on a fun filled adventure as we scour different hiding spots in search of gold. And like every good treasure hunt we will have some challenges and tasks to complete each day. We’ll be playing sea themed games, making our own little pirate boats, getting into our pirate gear and keeping a track of all the clues we gather each day for some serious puzzle solving. Are you ready to come on board?

Zoomania Camp

Ages 3-5

Love animals? Then come join us for our Zoomania Camp! We’ll be exploring the animal kingdom through role-play, craft making and venturing outdoors to observe the local wildlife. Whether it’s insects, mammals, amphibians or microorganisms we’ll be embracing all sorts of living creatures. We’ll even be making a trip to the zoo! So sign up and get ready to join our ICS safari!

Creative Arts & Sports Camp

Ages 3-5

Express yourself through arts and sports! In this camp you’ll get to explore your creative side and get fit at the same time. Move your body while playing ball sports, team sports, gymnastics, yoga and interpretive dance. Get artsy by dabbling with pottery, painting, craft making, music and theatrical arts. In our Creative Arts & Sports Camp there are activities for everyone to enjoy!

Sports Camp

Ages 6-12

Get those limbs moving and explore all the different sports we have to offer! Gymnastics, football, basketball, baseball, track, team-based games, yoga and more. What better way to enjoy the summer holidays than having fun under the sun?

Creative Arts Camp

Ages 6-12

Have a creative flair that you want to develop? Come join us this summer and get artsy. We’ll be learning different art techniques, dabbling in musical and interpretative arts, handling clay and photography, making field trips to museums and going into nature for inspiration. By the end of the week we’ll be exhibiting the children’s work at their very own vernissage.

Environmental Science & Arts Camp

Ages 6-12

If your child loves to explore, create and enjoys the great outdoors then this is the camp for them. We’ll be venturing into the forest and grassy areas in search of natural resources to observe, experiment and create artifacts from scratch. Ever made dandelion syrup? Mud mugs? Can you identify what species of herbs grow in the surrounding areas? Get ready to test all your boy or girl scout knowledge in this camp!

Books & Fantasy Camp

Ages 6-12

Delve into a world of adventure and make believe with our Books & Fantasy Camp. Each day we’ll be receiving a magical mission from the fantastical book of ICS. Perhaps you’ll be flying off to Never-never-land with Peter Pan. Maybe you will become Harry Potter and learn how to make magic potions. Dragons, fairies, princesses, pirates and superheroes: this camp will allow you to enter the world of story books and magic.

Space Camp

Ages 6-12

Astronauts and scientists undergo intensive training to go into outer space. In our ICS Space Camp we’ll be simulating our own version of a NASA drill camp, dabbling with basic coding, engineering, creating our own play rocket ship, exploring basic space physics and chemistry and learning about intergalactic matter through different craft activities. Don’t forget that we’ll also be training our bodies through different sport activities and not only our minds, just like an astronaut would! Ready for take-off?

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