Video Surveillance Policy

Inter-Community School Zurich (ICS) issues the following Video Surveillance Policy (Policy).

Published December 2021


This Policy governs the operation of the video surveillance system of ICS.

The Policy supplements our General Privacy Notice.

Responsible for operation and controller of processing of personal data

ICS is responsible for the operation of the video surveillance system and the controller of the processing of the personal video data described in this Policy. If you have any questions or would like to exercise your statutory data protection rights, please contact us at

or write to:

ICS Inter-Community School Zurich
Data Protection
Strubenacher 3
CH-8126 Zumikon.

Description of the video surveillance system


Monitoring type

The video surveillance system serves the following types of monitoring:

  • Real-time monitoring (active monitoring, i.e. direct viewing of recordings on the screen with storage) without sound recording
  • Passive monitoring (recording of recordings and subsequent evaluation) without sound recording
Purposes of data processing

ICS processes Personal Data responsibly, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and only for the following purposes:

  • Protection of persons (visitors, suppliers and employees) and property
  • Prevention and prosecution of criminal behavior in the area of the publicly accessible entrances to ICS, as well as possible construction sites and the parking lots on the premises of ICS
  • Enforcement of legal claims
Detectability of monitoring

ICS draws the attention of data subjects to the video surveillance with pictograms. In addition, this Video Surveillance Policy is publicly available in our Privacy Center at

Right of access

ICS grants data subjects the right of access, deletion or other statutory data subject rights upon request in accordance with applicable law. For further information, see our General Privacy Notice.

Retention period

The recordings of the cameras of the video surveillance system are stored for 7 days (168 hours) and deleted afterwards, unless ICS has detected significant events within that period.

Data security

ICS protects the video recordings from loss, manipulation, theft and unauthorized access. The recordings are stored on the premises of ICS.

Data transmission is encrypted. In addition, ICS implements access controls, access controls, and procedures for regularly reviewing, assessing, and evaluating the effectiveness of these technical and organizational security measures.


Real-time monitoring and subsequent viewing of video recordings take place on the premises of ICS, only by authorized persons within the organization of ICS and according to the need-to know principle. In addition, subsequent viewing will only take place in the event of an incident.

Disclosure of records to third parties

The ICS discloses records to law enforcement, courts, attorneys and counterparties:

  • by order of the competent law enforcement authorities or courts; or if,
  • in the discretion of ICS, it is necessary to enforce its legal rights.

The Policy is published online in ICS' Privacy Center (

Adjustments and entry into force

ICS may amend or supplement the Policy at any time. The Policy and any amendments or supplements shall enter into force upon their publication.