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What happens when IB Diploma results are released?

FAQs for ICS Families

When the IB Diploma results are released in July, we know many families have questions regarding next steps. Please see this presentation for information about our procedures for answering questions and offering support. Please also see the FAQs below.

What should I do if I don't get the scores I need to get into the university of my choice?

Students should ring the university and ask to speak to the admissions tutor of the course they have applied for to find out if there is still a chance that they could be accepted. Students must ring themselves as it is unlikely that the university will discuss the application with anyone other than the applicant.
If students are applying to the UK, then please follow this link for detailed information.

Who should I contact if the university wants more information about me?

If a further letter of recommendation is required by the university, then you should contact the Secondary Principal’s Assistant on

In the email, please state what information is required and from whom (i.e. the teacher's name) and to whom it should be sent (i.e. please state the university it should be sent to, as well as the admissions officer or other relevant contact person). The Principal's Assistant will inform the appropriate person(s).

Who should I contact if the university wants a school transcript from me?

You should contact Secondary Principal's Assistant (on and let him know the details of the university that requires the transcript.

If my final score is better than my university prediction can I rethink my university options?

Yes, if you have accepted an offer from a UK university via UCAS then you can use the “Adjustment" option available via their website. Follow this link

If I am unhappy with my grades can I have my papers re-marked?

Yes, but remember that a score may go up or down and for the majority of cases (around 75%) it will not change. This is particularly true if the examination has been electronically marked. If you decide on a re-mark (Enquiry on Results Category 1 or EUR1), then there is a fee that has to be paid in the event that the grade is not changed. A re-mark will not be requested until the component scores for the examination are available. You can use this form to request a re-mark.

What are component scores and when are they available?

The component scores show the number of points scored for each component of the subject e.g. Paper 1, Internal Assessment, etc. The component scores are made available to the DP Coordinator four or five days after the release of results.

How many subjects can be re-marked?

There is no limit to the number of subjects that can be re-marked.

How does the re-marking process work?

All externally assessed components for the subject will be regarded by a senior examiner, however any internal components that have been moderated will not be reassessed during the EUR1. The re-marking of papers takes between one and four weeks.

What is the school's policy on Enquiry on Results Category 1 (EUR1/re-mark) ?

ICS Policy on Enquiry upon Results Category 1: Individual candidate re-mark
"Requests for an enquiry upon results will only be accepted from schools, not from individual candidates, their legal guardian(s) or other representatives." (C2.1 in Handbook of Procedures for the Diploma Programme 2010, I.B.)

  1. The final decision to ask for a re-mark is the prerogative of the school.
  2. The school, with the candidate's permission, may request a re-mark in any subject in which the school believes that there is a reasonable chance of the result not being an accurate reflection of the student's achievements in that subject.
  3. If the school believes that the grade obtained is significantly different from that anticipated (i.e. 2 points or more below the predicted grade), the school may request a re-mark and, should the re-mark not result in a change to the grade, will bear the cost payable to the I.B.
  4. In any other case where the school requests a remark and the grade remains unchanged the student's parents will be responsible for the cost.
  5. No re-mark will be requested unless a parent or guardian signs to indicate their awareness and acceptance of the fact that the final outcome could be a reduction of the grade

Can I have my examination papers returned?

Yes, examination papers can be requested and will be returned either electronically (reasonably quickly) or in hard copy, which can take up to four weeks. As with EUR1, all requests must come via the DP Coordinator.

Will I have to pay to have my examination papers returned?

Yes, all requests for the return of scripts, unless initiated by the school, must be paid for by the parents.

If I have my papers returned and think they have not been graded appropriately, can I ask for a re-mark?

Yes, you can request a re-mark up until 15 September 2017.

How do I go about registering to retake one or more subjects in the November session?

You need to complete this form and return it to Mrs Marchetti ( before 28 July 2017. (This form is an interactive PDF. You can fill it in on screen. Please remember to save it and then email to Mrs Marchetti.) Failure to register by this date will not preclude you from resitting the examination in November but the cost will be significantly greater the later you leave it. You can see the scale of fees for the November IB exams here.

If I register for the November session examinations and subsequently withdraw before taking the exams will I still be liable for the registration fees?

Yes, all registration and subject fees paid to the IB are non-refundable. The only exception is that if an EUR1 results in a change of grade then the fees will be refunded in full.

When does my Diploma certificate arrive at the school and how will I get it?

The Diploma certificates arrive at the school around the end of August. You will be notified of their arrival via email and the documents will be posted out to you or you can collect them in person.

What can I do if I need a hard copy of my results before the Diplomas arrive?

Your results can be printed and authenticated by the school and will be available from the DSC reception from 7 July.
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