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External Classes & Activities

The PA compiles lists of classes, clubs, summer camps and activities - one list for kids and another for adults. The lists are not exhaustive and the activities are not endorsed either by ICS or the Parents' Association. If you have an activity to add to the list, please send the information to

In many cases there are additional clubs and teams located in your community. Check with your “Gemeinde" (local council) to find out what clubs and classes it supports or knows about. Activities are also often listed (in German) on the specific Gemeinde website (under “Freizeitzentrum"). For example, Zumikon classes can be found at

(Click here for the list of Classes and Activities for Adults.)

Classes and Activities for Kids

American Football

Zürich Renegades team offers flag (touch) football from the ages of 8-13 and regular tackle football over the age of 13.

Zürich Lightning is the girls' team affiliated with the Renegades.


Junior Team (under age 18) of the Zürich Lions plays in Kilchberg on Tuesday evenings. Email:

Zürich Challengers practice on Thursdays in Zürich-Schwamendingen. There is also a group, the Oberland Challengers that practices in Pfäffikon. Website in German and English.

Zurich Barracudas:


Art Workshops in English provides classes and open workshops for children and adults. A “Moms and Tots" group meets on Monday mornings and a class for students age 8-18 meets on Thursday afternoon.
Location: Gewerbestrasse 9, 8132 Egg

Kinderatelier Fanger-Carigiet (Children's Art Workshop) offers an art-focused morning preschool for ages 2.5-4 (choice of days Mon-Fri 8:30-11:00am) and after school painting classes for ages 4+ (offered Mon, Wed and Thurs 16:15-17:30). Teachers speak German, French and English and provide a fun and creative environment for the children.
Locations: Waldgartenstrasse 9, 8125 Zollikerberg

Multiart by Kathryn Bard, Art classes for kids and adults offered as morning or after school activities, as well as camps.

Contact: Kathryn Bard, Multiart (MultiFacet Gmbh), Tel: 044 910 5363. Location: Grütstrasse 18, 8704 Herrliberg


Basketball Club Küsnacht-Erlenbach has basketball opportunities starting at age seven. Children age 7-13 practice on Tues evenings in Erlenbach or Thurs evenings in Küsnacht. Juniors age 13-18 practice on Tues evenings in Küsnacht or Thurs evenings in Erlenbach.


Chess 4 Kids offers chess classes for children in Zollikon Monday through Friday from 14:00 to 19:00 and Saturdays from 10:00 to 14:00 (with open play on Saturdays 14:00 to 16:00). They also offer week-long summer camps. Teachers speak German and English and make the classes and camps a lot of fun for kids.
Location: Gstadstrasse 38, Zollikon (close to the Dufourplatz)

Schachgesellschaft Zürich:

Fall schedule


Zurich Crickets is one of the largest junior cricket clubs in Switzerland with teams for under 9's, under 10's, under 11's, under 12's, under 13's, under 15's and under 17's. Practices are Saturdays at the Kantonschule Hottingen in Zürich in winter, and outside on a pitch at a sports ground in Winterthur in summer.
Matches against other Swiss clubs (including Basel and Geneva) are frequent, with a number of international fixtures, including tournaments in Munich and Vienna.


Tanzschule Küsnacht offers ballet, jazz, hip-hop and modern dance
Rietstrasse 25 and Tobelweg 4, 8700 Küsnacht
Tel.: 044 400 90 51
The owner is Canadian and speaks excellent English as well as German
Contact: Jennifer Rusterholz-Bell,

Ballettschule Erlenbach
Seestrasse 72, 8703 Erlenbach
Contact: Mimi Schmäh
Dipl. Ballettpädagogin
Tel. 044 910 15 33

Yen Han Dance Center
Witikonerstrasse 409, 8053 Zürich
Website in German and English
Ballet and modern dance from age 4 to adult. Excellent, professional teachers. Studio owner and lead teacher is a prima-ballerina of the Zurich Ballet (and ICS parent).

Stage School Zurich
Seefeldstrasse 227/ 303, 8008 Zürich
Contact: Nicoletta Braunschweig
Tel. 043 299 58 13
Ballet, modern dance, jazz and hip-hop for age 5 and up.

Miss Lena's Ballet for preschoolers age 2.5-4
Class is taught in English and is a very nice opportunity for younger children
Contact: Lena Lewis, or 079 9624298
Mondays at 4:15 in Küsnacht

Dance Fuzion with teacher Angela Jacobs offers hip-hop and dance fusion classes for children ages 5 and up (as well as Mommy and Me classes for ages 2-4). Classes in Zumikon on Thursday afternoons, and other locations around Zurich during the rest of the week.

Apple Tree offers ballet, jazz, creative and modern dance classes for age 3.5 to 10 years. Teacher speaks English and French.
Location: Schulhausstrasse 6, 8703 Erlenbach

COGMO/Gymboree offers ballet and creative dance for ages 2-7 in English on Mon, Thurs and Sat in Zumikon.
Location: 14/15 Dorfplatz, 8126 Zumikon

ASK4DANCE in Horgen offers Health, Fun and Lifestyle dance for children and adults,to ballroom and Latin Music.

Program 2015

ASK4DANCE - International Dance Studio
Seestrasse 240, 8810 Horgen
Tel. 079 193 16 53


Simply Theatre Academy
Simply Theatre is Switzerland’s premier English speaking performing arts training school & children's theatre producing company. They nurture each child’s individual ability and help them build confidence and develop important life skills. Their drama classes for children aged 4-17 are offered in 3 locations around Zurich: near HB, Feldmeilen, and Baar.

Find out more

Tel. 022 860 0518


There are fencing clubs for children throughout Switzerland. The full list of the clubs in the Zürich Canton is here:

Field Hockey

Credit Suisse Hockey Team Zürich is the sports club of the bank Credit Suisse, which used to play in the Swiss championship until the end of the eighties. Now they offer training for kids from 6 years onwards sponsored by the bank, for everyone (not only children of Credit Suisse staff). Training is once a week, in the summer in Witikon (Zürich), in the winter in a gym in Gockhausen. The coach speaks English and is in close contact with the teachers who offer Field Hockey at ICS so there is a bond between this team and ICS.
Contact: Burkhard Sohnrey, Trainer/Betreuer
Stöckenackerstrasse 26b1, 8046 Zürich
Tel. 044 372 00 54, Email:


InterSoccer is an English-speaking group that offers after-school and weekend soccer courses, as well as camps during the various school holidays. There are a wide variety of courses for children age 3 and up. They teach at multiple locations around Zurich, including Zumikon, Meilen and Zurich (near Zollikon).

There are football clubs in many of the towns near Zumikon. Some are larger than others with multiple teams for each age group. All have boys' teams; most have girls' teams as well. For some clubs there are waiting lists or residence requirements. Expect your child to have multiple practices during the week in season, as well as tournaments on weekends.
Check with the individual club for tryouts and practice requirements.
Here is a list of a few of the football clubs on which ICS students play:
FC Küsnacht (
FC Egg (
FC Herrliberg (
FC Witikon (
FC Meilen (
FC Männedorf (
FC Maur (
FC Uster (


Clarity Language Center offers “German Saturdays" for children age 6 – 9. Offered once per month and include hiking, outings, games and crafts – all in German. Week-long summer camps also available.

German language school in Egg - ExecuTeach

Classes, group- or private lessons in Egg or in Zurich, for both adults and children. Also training of ICS students for their German IB.

Please contact Yvonne Herrmann -Treubel



Tel: 077 448 96 67


German language School in a "Swiss home" environment

Please contact:

Judith Regazzoni

Tel: 076 343 27 81

For more information:


Milandia Greifensee Campus offers golf courses for children.
Tel. 044 905 66 10


Gymnastics for boys and girls falls into two categories – lessons and competitive gymnastics training.

Girls Gymnastics and Tumbling in Zumikon
Children's Gymnastics age 5+
Contact: Aliki Feldmann, 076 561 10 49 or
Children's Equipment Gymnastics Grade 1+
Contact: Marlies Meier, 044 918 09 73

Boys Gymnastics and Tumbling in Zumikon

Competitive Gymnastics:
Available through try-out only as part of a Schnupperlektion (trial lesson) and enrolment is limited. Training begins from age 4-6 in the KidGym section. Then, depending on skill, for ages five and up in the KUTU (Kunstturnen). The competitive training groups are organized through the Zürcher Turnverband (ZTV) for the Canton of Zürich. In addition to the two groups listed below – Uster and Oerlikon – there are similar clubs in Urdorf, Horgen, Ruti, Opfikon/Glattbrugg, Dietikon, Neerach, and Stäfa. Some of the competitive clubs may also offer GETU (Gerateturnen) which is less competitive and is offered in a number of local communities.

Sportclub Satus Uster
(Trains at the Turnhalle Talacker)
KidGym for girls age 4-6
KUTU (artistic gymnastics) and GETU (equipment gymnastics) for girls age 6+

Satus Zürich-Oerlikon
(Trains at Turnhalle Schulhaus Gubel)
Gymnastics for age 4+

Horseback Riding

Rossweid Reitschule
Meisenrain 10, 8044 Gockhausen
Tel. 044 821 49 60
Contact: Erika Attinger

Reitzentrum Forch
Looren, 8127 Forch
Tel. 044 980 11 54

Senn-Hof Zollikerberg
Am Sennhofweb, 8125 Zollikerberg
Contact: Frau Marlies Senn (speaks some English)
Tel. 044 392 11 22

Ice Skating/ Figure Skating

Following is a sampling of clubs; many more exist in the area. Most of the Ice Skating clubs will offer both Figure Skating (Kunsteislauf) and Ice Hockey (Eishockey). These are local community programs where mostly Swiss German is spoken. However, you may find a few that have coordinators and/or trainers that can speak English.

Eislaufclub Küsnacht
KEK Küsnacht
Johannisburgstrasse 11, 8700 Küsnacht

Kunsteislauf Zürich-Oerlikon
Kunsteislauf Zürich-Oerlikon
Siewerdtstr. 80, 8050 Zürich

Eislaufclub Zürich (speed skating (schnelllauf) included)
Dolder Kunsteisbahn
Adlisbergstrasse 36, 8044 Zürich

Ice Hockey

Offerings for boys and girls include: hockey schools (beginner); day- or week-long hockey camps (typically during ski week or the October break), and hockey teams (competitive). The development hockey programs ("Nachwuchs") are typically associated with a parent club ("Verein"). These are local community programs and Swiss German is spoken (players, coaches, etc.); however, you many have coordinators and/or trainers that can speak English.
Some examples of hockey clubs that are based between Zürich city and Rapperswil are:

GCK Lions
Kunsteisbahn KEK Johannisburgstrasse 11, 8700 Küsnacht
KEK Office Tel.: 044 910 58 56
General Email:

ZSC Lions
Kunsteisbahn Zürich-Oerlikon (KEBO)
Siewerdtstr. 80, 8050 Zürich
Contact: Sekretariate ZSC Lions Nachwuchs
Tel 044 317 20 80
EHC Dübendorf
Postfach 608, 8600 Dübendorf
Tel. 044 821 90 27

EHC Kloten (Kloten Flyers)
Waldeggweg 2, 8302 Kloten
Tel. 044 800 10 10

Rapperswil - Jona Lakers
Walter-Denzler-Strasse 3
8640, Rapperswil-Jona
Tel: 055 210 27 60
Development Contact 055 210 27 60

Martial Arts

Aikido Unlimited offers classes for 5-7 year olds on Wed afternoon, age 7+ on Mon & Wed, and a class for all children on Saturday mornings. Students progress through different stages, working to earn the various colour belts.
Instructors speak Swiss German and English. Website in German and English.
Uster West 12, 8610 Uster
Tel: 043 497 8464

Capoeira Gerais offers classes at various sites around Zurich

The Judo Club Uster
Gerbestrasse 5, 8610 Uster
The Judo Club Uster offers classes for children 5-8 years old and 8 and up.

The Karate Sport Schule Schweiz has a number of children's Karate classes in the area. Children's Karate Classes are held in the following towns. Check the website for times and more information.
• Forch/Aesch
• Egg
• Obermeilen
• Ruschlikon
• Zumikon

Kung Fu
Kung Fu Fighting offers Kung Fu for children age 5+ in several nearby locations (Zumikon, Zollikon, Benglen, Herrliberg, Meilen, Pfaffhausen, Witikon, Uetikon am See).
Contact: Sascha Grossen,,
079 274 06 20

Wu Shu Center Oberland Zürisee offers Wu Shu Kung Fu classes for children in the Sportanlage Looren in Forch.
Contact: Sascha Grossen
Tel. 079 274 06 20

Taekwondo lessons for all ages:

Taekwondo Schweiz

Contact: Pascal Polatti

Binzmühlestrasse 80, 8050 Zürich, Tel; 043 4228877

Self defence courses for women:

Sword martial arts for adults:

We also rent out our Martial Arts School for events and birthday parties, making these a special and memorable ocassion for everyone:

We teach in English and many other languages.


Many local Gemeinde have a Musikschule offering lessons for a variety of instruments.

Musikschule Zumikon
Farlifangstr. 28, 8126 Zumikon 044 918 29 24
Musikschule Zumikon offers preferred terms for ICS studenets, including accommodations for differing school holidays.

Musikschule Maur
8124 Maur 043 366 13 34

Private teachers listed by instrument:

Joel Reiff, 044 965 48 69

E-Bass/Double Bass
Beat Ramseier, 079 480 55 53, 044 482 01 02
Kalchbulstr. 62, 8038 Zürich

Jeanne Frelechous, 079 784 46 11

Vanessa Bischoff, 076 236 11 90

Clarinet, Sax, Flute, Piano
Monika Tiken, 044 991 72 28

Drums, Percussion, Band Coaching
Rene Berera, 044 825 23 18
Greifenseestr. 4, 8603 Schwerzenbach

Rosie Sprackling, 043 818 02 31
Laubenstr. 21, 8712 Stäfa

Elisabeth Boeglin, 076 475 34 45

Keyboard, Drums, Piano, E-Guitar/bass, Band Coaching
Jürg Bruhin, 044 918 21 92
Gössikerstr. 4, 8126 Zumikon
Consulting for renting and buzing instruments

Barbara Carnt (-Street), 044 950 32 75

Dora Som Ko Barras-Liem, 044 748 05 12
Alte Landstr. 8, 8955 Oetwil an der Limmat
(speaks English, French, German, Dutch)

Motoko Matsushita, 044 463 76 43
Dietzingerstr. 8, 8003 Zürich

Stefano Severini, 077 468 29 58

Luis Vela Sandquist, 044 260 54 70, Mobile: +41 79 296 12 04
Freiestr. 40, 8032 Zürich, e-mail:

(speaks English, German, Spanish)

Verena Boesch-Marti, 044 923 49 23
General Wille-Str. 60, 8706 Feldmeilen
(next to the Herrliberg train station. Speaks English, French, German)

Natalie Ryjova, 044 910 64 29, 079 745 14 86
Furtstr. 6c, 8700 Küsnacht

Esther Yellin (-Orlov), 041 390 42 10
Heinrich Neuhaus Stiftung
Zingelistr. 27, 6353 Weggis

Monica Hering, 044 918 19 43
Chapfstr. 16, 8126 Zumikon

Pascal Willi, 044 361 18 84
Kronenstr. 39, 8006 Zürich

Charla Hofstetter, 044 980 52 10
Geerenstr. 3, 8123 Ebmatingen

Piano and Music Theory
Wie-Lin Schürmann
Prepares for ABRSM Graded Examinations

Piano, Violin, Saxophone
Elaine Fukunaga

Piano, Violin
Szu-hwa Wu, 076 594 29 87

Rita Binkert, 044 390 20 62
Fohrbachstr. 9, 8702 Zollikon

Theres Isler-Glaus, 044 980 00 82
Chalenstr. 56, 8123 Ebmatingen
(speaks French, English, German)

Russian and Bulgarian Voice Training, Breathing, Singing
Gabriela Willi, 076 571 49 69, 056 470 08 28
Bernardstr. 34, 5442 Fislibach
(speaks English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian)

Lukas Hering, 044 918 19 43

Violin, Viola, Chamber Music
Rafayel Ter-Sahakyan, 078 778 91 70
Lessons at ICS, Music room 671
Free trial lesson
(speaks English, German and Russian)

Violin, String Orchestra
Dawn Lilge, 041 755 01 77
(speaks English)

Joanna Pfister, 043 288 06 53, 076 317 73 74
Dorfplatz 15
8126 Zumikon

Lottie Fröhlich, 044 361 01 21, 076 438 40 68
Zeltweg 20, 8032 Zürich
(Near Kreuzplatz, speaks English, German)

Violin, French Horn
Paul Taylor, 056 223 44 57, 076 438 40 68
Spinnereistr. 10c, 5300 Turgi

Violin, Viola (Chamber Music)
Michel Willi, 076 465 69 89, 056 470 08 28
Bernardstr. 34, 5442 Fislibach
(speaks English, German, French, Spanish)
Tonhalle-Orchestra Zürich

Olivia Schenkel, 079 715 45 10
Witikonerstr. 198, 8053 Zürich
(speaks English, German, French)

Olivia Coker, lyric soprano, 044 391 25 20
(speaks English, German)
Trial lesson possible, female voices only


Sailing on the Greifensee or the Zürisee:

The following link takes you to a list of all the different sailing clubs on the Zürisee with individual contact numbers and email addresses:

This link takes you to the same list for the Greifensee clubs:

Skiing and Snowboarding

Ski and snowboard classes are organised at the Hoch Ybrig resort during January/ early February. Saturdays are exclusively for ICS families (Sundays are also possible, but these classes are open to the public as well).

Contact: Bettina Riopelle

Tel: 076 346 51 17


Children's swimming falls into two categories: swim lessons and competitive swimming.

Swim Lessons
There are many local pools and teachers in addition to those listed here.

English Language Swim Lessons Group lessons in English, Wednesdays & Fridays at the Zumikon Pool – Lynda Salmon
Contact: Lynda Salmon Tel. 044 991 8830

Pure Swimming GmbH
Seestrasse 73
8702 Zollikon
Offer private lessons to children from age 4 and adults in City Hallenbad & Oerlikon (Zumikon pool is closing for renovations for 18 months).
Contact: Marco Pilloud / Szilard Csoke
Mobile Marco Pilloud – 078 945 22 33
Mobile Szilard Csoke – 079 796 75 85

Swiss Swim Clubs generally have two or three times during the year that a student may start, in August and after the February Sportferien. Some have waiting lists. Check with the individual club for more information.

Schwimmklub Zollikon offers group swim lessons in German at the Zollikon and Witikon Pools depends on level) –
Younger and Beginning Swimmers (1st five levels; begins at age 5)
Tel. 044 391 56 72
They give 5 blocks of classes per year, as well as school holiday classes. Classes are Tuesdays or Fridays.
Intermediate and Advanced Swimmers
Tel. 079 831 08 81
Class times are Thursdays and Fridays

Schwimmklub Meilen offers group swim lessons in German at the Meilen Pool
Tel. 044 920 78 51

Zollicuda offers group lessons at the Witikon and Seefeld pools as well as private swim lessons in both the Meilen and Zollikon pools.
Tel. 043 355 50 50

Competitive Swimming (Wettkampfgruppen)
Competitive swim teams in Switzerland generally expect at least three practices weekly throughout the year. They all require try-outs (Vorschwimmen), some hold them throughout the year and others at specific times. The main swim teams in the Zurich region are the following:

Schwimmklub Uster Wallisellen (
Schwimmklub Meilen (
Limmat Sharks (swim in Oerlikon and Altstetten) (
Schwimmklub Zollikon (


For a general overview of places to learn and to play tennis in Switzerland, consult (in German).

Stork Tennis Club in Oetwil am See offers many English language group lessons after school (for several ICS students).

Steve Schmid, Head of International Tennis Academy, Sportcenter Stork,

+41 44 929 2513 [Mo.-Fr. 09.00-12.00]


Tennis Centers in the following list have children's group courses in German, although some accommodations may be made for English speakers. Many of them also hold holiday camps:

Tennis and Squash in Fällanden
Industriestrasse 40, 8117 Fällanden
Tel. 044 825 53 53

Tennisclub Zumikon
Tobelmülistrasse – 8126 Zumikon
Tel. 044 918 22 98

Tennis Club Maur

Lengg Tennis Center in Zollikon
Tel. 044 381 13 13

Tennis Academy through the Migros Klubschule
Milandia in Volketswil
Tel. 044 905 66 60

Tennisclub Itschnach (TCI) by KEK
Zumikerstrasse 80, 8700 Kuesnacht
Contact: Claudia Bortune (Several instructors speak both English and Swiss German)
Tel. 044 910 4480
Email: or

Track and Field

The Turnverein Maur offers a wide range of activities among them track and field, running and tumbling.


Co-ed Unihockey

Zürisee Unihockey has a number of junior teams. Depending on the team, training will be at the Farlifang Gymnasium in Zumikon, in Küsnacht or in Herrliberg. See the website to contact the appropriate trainer for more information.

Unihockeyclub Pfannenstiel also has different junior teams that play in Egg, Maur and Oetwil am See. Their website gives full information and contacts for the trainers for each.

Water Polo

Schwimmklub Zollikon
Training times: Fridays 18.30-20:00
Contact: Thomas Bucherer,
Tel. 079 429 61 50


Bala Yoga offers Kinderyoga classes for children ages 3-6 on Thur and Fri, ages 7-11 on Mon and Fri.
Seestrasse 160, 8700 Küsnacht
Contact: Claudia Dubs, 079 826 72 62

Claire Dalloz gives yoga courses for children and teenagers, often in English.
Seestrasse 122, 8700 Küsnacht
Contact: Claire Dalloz

Summer camps

Sportcenter Stork

Contact: Steve Schmidt,

+41 44 929 2513 [Mo.-Fr. 09.00-12.00]

Lovell International Camps

Rübeldorfstrasse 5, 3792 Saanen

T. +41 (0)33 744 2535

GlS German camp in Berlin

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