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Health Policies

Medication Policy

Our medication policy is necessary to ensure the safe and timely administration of medication to your children. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the School Nurse (

If a student needs specific medication during the day, it is important for parents to co-ordinate the administration of medication with the School Nurse. Any medication should be taken at home if at all possible. Medications that need to be given during the school day are to be brought to and from school by a parent.

Medications must be in their original container, labelled with:

  • Name of student
  • Name of medication
  • Time of administration
  • Dosage
  • Expiration date


Medications will be kept in the Nurse’s office. Emergency medications may be kept in other locations if necessary (please discuss with the Nurse). Any change in medication must be clearly communicated, in writing, with the Nurse.

Students should not carry medication with them at school (with the exception of students at the DSC) unless the Nurse has been informed. Students may carry and self-administer their own asthma inhaler. It is also highly advisable for an extra inhaler to be kept with the Nurse.

Refill of medications is the responsibility of the parent. Expired medication will not be administered. Medication will be discarded if not picked up on or before the last day of school.

Immunisation Policy

Childhood vaccinations are not required for school entry in Canton Zurich. Although immunisation is not required by our school, we do highly recommend that you have your child immunised and ensure that all vaccinations are up to date. Our students come from many different countries, each with slight variations in the recommended schedule of childhood vaccinations.

In addition to the regular schedule of immunisations, it is recommended that everyone over the age of six living within Canton Zurich should be vaccinated against Tick Borne Encephalitis (FSME). It is also important to be aware that Switzerland still experiences active outbreaks of measles. If you have questions regarding immunisations, please speak to your family doctor or to the School Nurse.

The following links have excellent information:

  • Click on ‘Official Country Sites’ to get information on the vaccination schedules and recommendations of your home country
  • This is the Center for Disease Control’s site. It is very comprehensive
  • This site has comprehensive information on all vaccinations and an excellent section on the immunisations you may need if you are travelling
  • This site is in German, French and Italian. It provides specifics about the vaccination schedule in Switzerland
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