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Faculty & Staff

A Primary teacher at the Inter-Community School Zurich

Staff at ICS are committed professionals with broad experience in their field of expertise.

"Good learners make the best teachers"
In line with our conviction that good learners make the best teachers, we encourage our staff to carry on learning and to undertake continuing professional development.

International Baccalaureate examiners & moderators
The high number of ICS staff who are experienced International Baccalaureate Diploma examiners and moderators provide an enriching experience for students. Many of our staff are also recognised as International Baccalaureate workshop leaders and team leaders or members of visiting school accreditation teams.

Setting the right environment for learning
The ICS Leadership Team says: "We want to celebrate the learning that goes on here - and celebrate the teachers who make it possible. We are proud of our teachers: they don't just offer academic support and expertise in their particular field, they are also highly responsive to the needs of students. And that is because they are also learners themselves. They know how to set the right environment for learning; creating a supportive atmosphere, using appropriate technology, and helping students develop understanding so that every different child in the classroom is able to learn."

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