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University & Career Counselling

Many students think there is only one university that is right for them - only one place where they will be happy and successful. This is not the case! There are many universities that would be a good fit for each student. That is why ICS has its own University Counselling service to guide students who are preparing university applications.

We know that selecting the best universities/courses is a very important task. With so many to choose from, it can be bewildering at first. But approached in the right way, this task can also be very exciting and rewarding.

  • To help, we have created the ICS University Handbook. This offers students from Grades 9-12 information on everything from first thinking about your future to picking the right courses to taking the exams university admissions departments might ask for.
  • We have also compiled the Worldwide Study Information page. This lists admissions contacts and requirements for universities around the world.
  • Students (and their parents) who need help and advice should also contact Rachel Doell, our University Counsellor -
  • Please access your Naviance Family Connection account for up to date information on university open days, university visits to ICS, summer courses and much more.
  • For detailed explanation of the university application process in Grade 12, please see here.

ICS School Profile

Our School Profile is the information about ICS that is sent to universities with students' applications.

You can download our School Profile here or read it online below.

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