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The counselling services help Primary students with their personal, social, emotional and academic development. Primary Counsellors are Ms Rachel Suery and Ms Alina Wrona-Eden.

By using proactive approaches that help students develop positive attitudes towards themselves, their school, peers, social groups and family, the programme enables all students to become productive, self-confident, and well-balanced individuals who can realise their own potential and integrate successfully into a multicultural community.

Early skill development, along with identifying and intervening in potential difficulties, is essential to maximizing social, emotional and academic growth. In overseeing the welfare of students, the counsellor works closely with teachers, parents, learning support specialists, school leadership, and outside professional agencies. The counsellor may work with students individually, in small groups and/or in whole class situations. A student may be referred to the counsellor by a teacher, a parent or by a principal. Additionally, a student may walk in and make an appointment.

In Secondary, the Counsellors support students so that they can reach their academic, social and emotional potential. The Counsellors' role includes counselling students, consulting with parents, teachers and other specialists and facilitating a team approach so that the needs of the students are met. Counselling sessions are kept confidential.

Ms Alina Wrona-Eden is the Grades 6-8 Counsellor. Ms Lindsay Landmark is the Grades 9–12 Counsellor. In addition, Ms Rachel Doell oversees University and Vocational Counselling and works with families and students on post-school options as well as university applications.

Counselling services

Counselling services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • assisting students in the transition process when entering or leaving ICS,
  • maintaining effective peer support, conflict resolution, anti-bullying and transition support programmes,
  • providing guidance to teachers and parents,
  • conducting individual or group counselling sessions,
  • collaborating with external therapists, and
  • hosting parent workshops.
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