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Service Learning

We put a strong emphasis on learning through service at ICS. We call it ' Service Learning and Community Engagement' to accentuate the importance both of learning about service and offering service - the 'engagement'. At ICS, students learn about service in various ways. 

Students can learn about organisations that provide help to others and work with them directly. As an example, Primary students recently met a representative from the Swiss Red Cross to learn about the Swiss scheme '2xChristmas' where boxes of donated gifts are delivered to families in need. Secondary students organise an annual winter food drive for Socialwerke Pfarrer Sieber, a Zurich organisation supporting the poor and homeless.

Currently Grade 9 students are volunteering at a nearby farm that shelters rescued animals. (See this picture of the students cooking items they can sell to raise money to build a duck pond. Please also see the story right.)

Parents new to ICS often ask how many hours of service students have to undertake. But there is no defined time commitment in terms of hours. Instead, we encourage students to understand that service to others is a responsibility that the ICS community fosters and to try to involve themselves in some form of service activity. The students then document and reflect on their service in their Service Learning booklets. Please see these booklets for more information about service learning at ICS.

Here is the Grades 6-8 Service Learning and Community Engagement Log Book

Here is the Grades 9-10 Service Learning and Community Engagement Log Book

Students' services to local farm

Students in Grade 9 are undertaking a community service project with a local farm that rescues abandoned animals. 

First the students visited the Hof Naar farm near ICS and learned about their philosophy and how they look after the animals they rescue.  

ICS students volunteering at Hof Narr FarmThen the students spent a weekend clearing a field that could be used to grow crops to aid the self-sufficiency of the farm. Having produce to sell puts money back into the farm and supports the rescued goats, chickens, horses, ducks and pigs that would otherwise have gone to slaughter.  

The third stage of this project is to raise money for a duck pond that we hope to build with the help of some ICS Science teachers. The students learned that ducks must have water deep enough to wash their heads as this helps prevent infection. 

The students have begun fundraising and will continue to do so by catering at a number of other school events. An extra skill they are gaining from this project is learning how to bake, using many ingredients from the farm. 

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