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Culture of Care

What many people notice and really appreciate about ICS is our sense of community. We are a mutually supportive community of learners. Staff support students, students support each other and parents support the whole school community.

We believe that children learn best in a nurturing environment where they feel supported in learning. This view was reinforced by the accreditation team from the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the New England Association of Schools & Colleges.

After visiting us in 2016, they commended: "The entire school community for putting into action the principles underlying the school's mission." Furthermore, ICS staff was applauded for "embracing the Guiding Statements in their classroom practice." They also praised our school community "for creating a warm, welcoming and positive school climate where respect is nurtured."

Our culture of care extends beyond our own community. At ICS we offer many opportunities for service learning: in helping others, students also learn about themselves. The following web pages highlight some of our service initiatives.

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