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Grades 11-12 - the IB Diploma Programme

At Grades 11 and 12, ICS offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. Students can enroll in and complete the Programme either at full Diploma, or individual Certificate, level.

Students following the IB Diploma programme choose six courses to study, three at Higher and three at Standard Level. Students must choose one subject from each of five groups (see the groups below). This ensures a breadth of study across languages, social studies, the experimental sciences and mathematics. The sixth subject may be an Arts subject, or one of the elective subjects we offer.

Our IB Diploma Programme Coordinator has put together this presentation to explain the options in more detail. As an example, this is the list of IB Diploma Options at ICS available to students who started their IB Diploma Programme in August 2015.

How universities recognise the IB Diploma
A key consideration in choosing IB Diploma Programme courses is whether they fit the entry requirements for programmes students may want to study at university. Please see this presentation about how universities around the world recognise the IB Diploma and about their entry requirements.

IB Diploma Curriculum
On the International Baccalaureate website, you can find details of the IB Diploma Curriculum. You can also see the IB Diploma Regulations.

Students who fulfill all the ICS graduation requirements will also graduate with an ICS High School Diploma (particularly important for entry to US colleges) that integrates with the IB courses.

IB Diploma Subject Information
Please use the links below to see more information about the subjects in each group.

Group 1 subject: Language & Literature (students' most proficient language)

Language A: literature Standard Level / Higher Level

Language A: language and literature Standard Level / Higher Level

Group 2 subject: Language acquisition (an additional language)

Language B: Standard Level / Higher Level

Language ab initio (from scratch): Standard Level

Group 3 subject: Individuals & Societies (humanities or social sciences)

Economics: Standard Level / Higher Level

Geography: Standard Level / Higher Level

History: Standard Level / Higher Level

Philosophy: Standard Level /Higher Level (online course)

Psychology: Standard Level / Higher Level (online course)

Business management: Standard Level / Higher Level (online course)

Environmental Systems & Societies: Standard Level

Group 4 subject: Sciences (pure sciences and technology)

Biology: Standard Level / Higher Level

Chemistry: Standard Level / Higher Level

Design Technology: Standard Level / Higher Level

Physics: Standard Level / Higher Level

Environmental Systems & Societies: Standard Level

Group 5 subject: Mathematics

Mathematical studies: Standard Level

Mathematics: Standard Level / Higher Level

*Group 6 subject: The Arts

Film: Standard Level/ / Higher Level (online course)

Theatre: Standard Level / Higher Level

Visual arts: Standard Level / Higher Level

Music: Standard Level / Higher Level

* Students have a choice of either one Group 6 subject or another subject from Groups 1 - 4.

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