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Annual General Meeting of Parents
Posted 05/12/2017 11:06

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Established in 1960 to serve the needs of international families in the Greater Zurich area, ICS is proud of its long standing reputation. The school is governed by an elected Board of Trustees that serves without any remuneration. On Monday evening the ICS Board of Trustees was delighted to welcome parents and staff to its Annual General Meeting of Parents.

The Trustees were pleased to provide the attendees with an update on the activities of the 2016–17 school year and to discuss the strategic issues facing the Board. They elaborated on the ICS Annual Report for August 2016–July 2017 which was sent electronically to parents in October.

On behalf of his colleagues on the Board, Mr Sanjeev Premchand, Chair of the Board of Trustees, thanked the Senior Leadership team led by Mrs Campbell for their efforts during the last school year. He also remarked on how impressed he was with ICS students, who continue to surpass expectations while achieving high performances as academics, artists, athletes and global citizens.

Once again, the Graduating Class of 2017 achieved outstanding results in the International Baccalaureate examinations, scoring well above the global mean. Mr Premchand noted how impressive these results were given ICS's long-standing commitment to an inclusive admissions policy grounded in the belief that all students can be successful in the IB Diploma Programme.

Mr Premchand also commended the dynamic team of school leaders, teachers and staff who continue to adopt exciting innovations to keep ICS on the forefront of education. In particular, the Chair praised the efforts of Mrs Campbell and the Senior Leadership Team to bring the future of education to ICS by hosting Europe's first KnowledgeWorks conference on the ICS Campus.

Mr Premchand confirmed that ICS remains in top financial health while continuing to offer an outstanding educational programme. As a non-profit school, financial surpluses, if any, can be used only for the betterment of the school. The Board was pleased to highlight the campus renovation projects that occurred over the summer, including the cutting-edge design of the Diploma Studies Centre lobby, the all-weather turf on the sports field, and the new Tiger Dome. These projects were undertaken to support our academic programmes.

The Board of Trustees also reported on the school's excellent re-accreditation results received from the Council of International Schools, the New England Association of Schools & Colleges and the International Baccalaureate Organisation. These organisations reaffirmed that ICS provides a powerful platform for in-depth learning and successful placement for further studies and beyond.

The Trustees then led discussion of its Strategic Issues for school year 2017–18, which are dominated by enhanced education services and facilities enhancement projects. Mr Khan, Board Treasurer, confirmed that ICS is well-placed financially and maintains careful expense control while continuing to offer excellent programmes. The facilities enhancement projects will continue to be funded through the extremely healthy Foundation Capital budget.

The evening concluded with the Board answering a number of insightful questions from parents, followed by a reception for the Board members, families and staff.

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