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A Winter Warmer, Courtesy of our Grade 7s
Posted 16/11/2017 15:00

A Winter Warmer, Courtesy of our Grade 7s

ICS is a community of learners and our students have a strong sense community spirit which enhances the positive and friendly learning environment across the school. Our Grade 7s have been getting into the winter spirit and celebrating what they love about this coldest season of the year by designing and creating a 'hot chocolate and marshmallows' display on the Grade 7 PDP noticeboard.

All Grade 7 tutor groups take turns at designing and creating displays which aim to foster grade-level spirit and creativity. Recently, after winter poems were shared by the teacher during the whole-grade registration time, students were inspired to reflect on what they personally enjoy about the winter season. Each Grade 7 student designed their very own marshmallow which now floats cheerfully in a giant mug of hot chocolate.

Many thanks to 7LS for their creative and inspiring idea, and to the Grade 7 'Random Acts of Kindness' Service Learning and Community Engagement group, who helped to construct the display. Everyone is invited stop by the hot chocolate and marshmallow noticeboard located on the second floor corridor of the Main Building.

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