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Niall de Búrca shares his stories with ICS
Posted 21/11/2017 14:46

Niall de Burca shares his stories with ICS

Traditional Irish storyteller Niall de Búrca has a tight schedule and everyone has been looking forward with great anticipation to his visit at our school this week.

Niall started off with his unique storytelling performances at the Early Years and Primary assemblies held in the Primary Atrium yesterday, and also delighted his audience with a special ICS Community Storytelling on Monday Evening from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Throughout today and tomorrow Niall is holding a number of storytelling workshops for students in the Primary Library. In addition, ICS G6s and G7s will have an opportunity to experience Niall's dynamic, humorous and very-interactive sessions as the week of storytelling at ICS continues.

Niall's tells his audiences that his stories are "...about animals, creatures, myths and legends from cultures all around the globe," and his tales not only hold students and ICS Staff audiences spellbound, they serve to teach students how to get comfortable with their own, often hidden, talents.

Niall's interactive "lessons" with students involve a great deal of physical movement. Students also practice a variety of facial expressions, tune in to voice control and enunciation, and are prone to outbursts of spontaneous laughter! As students engage with his stories, they completely forget the world around them and focus on expressing the emotions of the story they are being told. A workshop with Niall is positively bewitching!

"I loved making faces to act out the story, and also seeing what other faces my friends made. It made me laugh!" one G3 student said, reflecting just how much the Grade 3s enjoyed today's unforgettable experience with Niall. Her classmate said, "We had so much fun – we didn't want the workshop to be over!"

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