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ICS Primary Students and Parents Enjoy a "Special Someone"
Posted 14/11/2017 15:57

ICS Primary Students and Parents Enjoy a

Starting at 7:45 in the morning, with the aroma of coffee and the sound of laughter and plenty of good conversation echoing through the Main Hall, a delicious breakfast was enjoyed by everyone attending this year's Special Someone event.

Last Friday was anything but a 'normal day' for Primary students and their families. An excellent turnout of "Special Someones" visited ICS and listened attentively to the Primary Student Council members' presentation about their plans and preparations for the SGIS Primary Student Leadership Conference held on Saturday 11 November at ICS, under the motto "Throw Away the Throw Away Mentality".

In connection with their "How We Organise Ourselves" Unit, Primary students have been exploring how we can communicate through art with someone who cannot see. In their art classes they experienced drawing while wearing a blindfold, and, by using their sense of touch, considered which shapes might be more easily be felt rather than seen. The students then created experimental print boards and developed their ideas into embossed images that could be touched, felt and viewed by visitors during the impressive Art exhibition on Special Someone Friday.

After the presentation, parents who might otherwise not be able to come to ICS as often as they would like, had an opportunity to visit their children's classrooms to spend time with their sons and daughters in the Primary learning environment.

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