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Reading Around the World without Leaving Home
Posted 05/09/2017 16:32


August 31 was the last day for ICS Primary students from EY1-Grade 5 who participated in the Primary Library Summer Reading Programme to turn in their Reading Travel Logs. Students used the log and map to keep a record of their reading over the summer, and twenty minutes of daily reading was all that was necessary to travel from place to place.

ICS strives to promote learning at home, making the connection between the classroom and the family environment, and placing particular focus on developing excellent reading skills. Providing students with an opportunity to demonstrate independence and responsibility for their own learning, the Summer Reading Programme effectively encouraged students to read, stimulating their natural curiosity and introducing them to a variety of cultures and places around the globe on their daily reading "journey". Reading together at home also brought Primary students and their families together in a collaborative experience.

There were no "assigned" books, so students and parents could read independently in the language of their choice. This summer, a total of 69 Primary students read themselves "around the world", with many students going around more than once! Primary Students who turned in their reading logs on time at the end of August will be awarded with certificates and a "world" key chain at Primary Assemblies in the Primary Atrium this month.

The ICS Primary Library provides a supportive and stimulating environment promoting life-long learning and reading for pleasure with a wide range of resources to meet the needs of our international school community. Parents as well as students gave our Primary Librarians plenty of positive feedback about the Summer Reading Programme, with everyone agreeing that it was a was a wonderful experience and great way to keep them reading over the summer.

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