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Our new Primary Principal greets teachers and students
Posted 22/08/2017 11:56

Primary Welcome Back Assembly

ICS Primary students will certainly remember their new Principal's message to them as they took part in the first Primary Assembly of the 2017-18 school year in the Main Hall.

In his "Welcome Back" presentation, Mr Edwards started the new school year off by briefly demonstrating his own juggling talents as a means of emphasizing the importance of practice, consistency and dedication to goals. He spoke about ICS Primary students striving to acquire the knowledge and skills to apply their learning to new tasks and challenges. He also observed that the establishment of class communities and the effort the ICS teaching staff has made to help students feel at home and emotionally supported and cared for has been very obvious to him around the ICS campus during the early days of the new school year, and he praised the teachers' "...commitment and thoughtful preparation."

Together, Mr Edwards and Deputy Primary Principal Ms Boucher welcomed new and returning Primary students to ICS, and after all the new teachers had come forward and introduced themselves to the assembly, Mr Craig and Ms Maggie led everyone in a lively "call and response" song which everyone thoroughly enjoyed!

Mr Edwards left students with a closing thought before they filed out of the Main Hall, telling them "Bring the things you can already do with you to school – then keep practicing and continue to learn."

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