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A Work in Progress – What a difference a week makes!
Posted 14/07/2017 08:20

Renovations at ICS

ICS enhancement projects are making headway and things have started to look very different on campus this week.

The ICS sports field is undergoing a major transformation as sports field surfaces and the running track are carefully prepared for their "final toppings". Builders are using heavy machinery to lift granite blocks into position to reinforce slopes along the parking lot and a stone staircase is being built into the slope to provide access from the parking lot up to the sports field. Very soon brand new artificial turf, a newly renovated running track, new bleachers and a new scoreboard will appear. And that's not all. An impressive steel framework of supports has been growing with each passing day as the ICS temporary gym, a structure measuring 20 x 30 meters, has started to take shape.

Indoors, the Primary Hall has now been opened up on 3 sides and most of the surrounding walls have been removed. Glass walls, windows and niches will soon be installed and the Primary Hall roof will be opened up to facilitate the installation of skylights. Sound and lighting fixtures are being replaced, an acoustic insulation of the ceiling is happening and curtains and blinds will also be attended to. Elsewhere in the Primary building, painters are at work, bathrooms are being remodelled and students' lockers are being replaced.

At the DSC, indoor refurbishments include carpet replacement and the painting of walls and corridors, with much more to come in terms of carpentry work on custom-built niches and the instalment of noise reduction in the ceilings. Upgrades are also underway in the Treffpunkt, the Main Hall and the Kitchen area.

All around ICS, the "summer of enhancements" is in full swing!

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