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Goodbye Primary – Hello Secondary!
Posted 22/06/2017 10:41

Goodbye Primary – Hello Secondary!

A full-house audience of parents and friends were treated to the ICS Band's version of "We will Rock You" as the procession of ICS Grade 5 students came into the Main Hall yesterday morning and Grade 5 students Silvia, Oscar and Sami greeted everyone warmly with a welcome address.

Primary Principal Mr Crocker, Deputy Primary Principal Ms Boucher and Secondary Principal Ms Butterworth spoke to the G5s about the challenges and opportunities in store for them as they take the next step in learning at ICS and become Secondary students.

The programme also included a presentation by G5 students who spoke about their Primary school experiences, thanking teachers, parents and fellow classmates for their support. A group of current G6 students told the G5s what they could expect after transitioning to Grade 6, confirming that transitioning to Secondary school would be an adventure and a challenge, but lots of fun as well!

Before the completion certificates were awarded, Ms Bishop, Ms Firkins and Ms Hill, the Grade 5 teachers, came on stage to share some memories of the past school year with the audience - stories that brought smiles and laughter from students and parents alike.

As the G5s came up to the stage to receive their certificates, each and every one of them received a warm round of applause from the audience of visibly proud parents!

In monthly workshops during April, May and June, parents of G5 students had been invited to attend three individual transition workshops, starting in April with the topic "Supporting Social and Emotional Transition to Secondary School", continuing in May with "Learning Connections: How will my child's learning be similar or different in Secondary School?", and culminating on Friday, 9 June with "The Grade 6 Experience".

Following the Completion Ceremony, the Grade 5 students and their families were invited to enjoy a continental breakfast. We wish our future G6s an enjoyable and relaxing summer and look forward to welcoming them back as enthusiastic and motivated Secondary students when school resumes again in August.

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