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Grade 5 Parents' Transition Workshops – Part 1
Posted 06/04/2017 15:54

Grade 5 Parents' Transition Workshops at ICS

"Supporting Social and Emotional Transition to Secondary School" was the topic of yesterday's workshop for Grade 5 parents. It was the first in a 3-session series designed to provide parents with information about the transition process as their G5s enter Secondary school.

Members of the Secondary support team including tutors, counsellors and Pastoral Development Programme (PDP) staff spoke about their roles in helping students make a smooth transition. They also asked what parents were most uncertain about, as well as what they were most excited about as their children prepare to enter Grade 6.

After hearing some of the comments parents made, the team acknowledged that "being a little scared", as one parent put it, is a part of the transition process, but the support team reassured parents that the students' own "readiness" to move to Grade 6 has also become very apparent.

With new schedules, more teachers, and "greater freedom, but also greater responsibility" on the horizon for our new G6s, parents can be sure that Secondary support teams will continue helping our new Secondary students make the social and emotional transition a positive and enriching experience.

On 11 May G5 parents are invited to the 2nd session in the series "Learning Connections - how will my child's learning be similar or different in Secondary School?"

The 9 June session "The Grade 6 Experience", will explore the practical dimensions of Secondary life and include visits to the Grade 6 classrooms, Q & A time, and a scavenger hunt.

The workshop closed with PDP Coordinator Andrew Bumgarner asking parents to write down a 6-Word-Memoir of what they took from the morning's session. One parent's message was "looking forward to lots of support" - and that, indeed, is something that our G5s and their parents can rely on.

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