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Sozialwerke Pfarrer Ernst Sieber (SWS) Thanks ICS
Posted 10/01/2017 16:27

Sozialwerke Pfarrer Ernst Sieber (SWS) Thanks ICS

The Secondary School Christmas Food Drive is just one example of a Round Square project which, in a very hands-on way, benefits the community we are a part of and emphasizes the importance both of learning about and offering service. As part of their Character Development journey through their years at ICS, and by engaging with the community around them, our students gain even more than they give. They learn to develop values of respect, caring and responsibility as they develop and implement Service Learning projects both locally and globally.

In December, after food and non-food items were collected by Secondary Round Square for a local organisation that provides food and emergency accommodation for Zurich's homeless, we received a warm letter of thanks from Sozialwerke Pfarrer Ernst Sieber (SWS).

"Poverty is a reality – even in the Switzerland of today"... For over 60 years, Swiss Pastor Ernst Sieber has been personally involved with supporting the homeless and persons in need within the Swiss community. Today, his foundation is made up of 170 employees in numerous organisations committed to working with the socially-marginalized by providing pastoral care, social-medicine and therapy assistance opportunities, just to name a few.

In her letter to ICS, the head of the SWS donations team wrote: ..."Trust. What a word. It's this word that is important to our guests, patients and those in need. ... You trust us; we saw this through your once again hugely generous donation of different non-food articles as well as essential food items that we received from you on the 15 December, 2016. A heartfelt thank you! We also wish to thank you on behalf of all those who have profited greatly from your donation."

Acknowledging the help and support from the ICS Community, the letter concluded "...your contribution made a big difference. It is your trust that enables us to bring help to those in need."

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