Achieve your Potential
Pursue your Passion
Fulfil your Responsibility

Our Mission

At ICS we are committed to providing a supportive and enabling learning environment in which all members of the community are

  • challenged to achieve their individual potential,
  • encouraged to pursue their passions, and
  • expected to fulfil their responsibilities.

Our Vision

In order to provide a supportive & enabling learning environment ICS will:

  • offer differentiated programmes that are appropriate to a broad spectrum of learning styles and aptitudes and consistent with a non-selective admissions policy;
  • welcome a diverse student population, with programmes to support and enhance that diversity;
  • promote the principles of understanding and respect between individuals, communities, cultures and nations, and, in particular, reflect those principles in our relationship with our host community;
  • recognise that language proficiency is fundamental to international understanding, and therefore give support to second-language acquisition and to mother-tongue development.

The challenge to achieve individual potential will arise from:

  • the expectation that students will strive to use their talents to the fullest; 
  • the provision of out-of-class programmes of outdoor and expedition education;
  • the commitment that ICS staff should continue to be recognised as leaders in the field of international education;
  • the development of programmes of online education and extra-curricular classes to extend learning beyond the classroom and beyond the ICS student community.

The pursuit of passion will require the school to:

  • support and nurture talent and interest, and accommodate the many forms in which they arise;
  • celebrate excellence and commitment;
  • encourage the idea that individuals can and should make a difference.

The fulfilment of responsibility will be accomplished through:

  • an explicit and active commitment to human rights;
  • outreach and community action programmes that involve all of the school’s constituencies: – students, teachers and parents;
  • environmentally responsible operational policies and procedures that embody the environmental awareness of the curriculum;
  • programmes that ensure the full engagement of ICS students with local and global issues.
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