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Lunchtime Small-Group Beginning Instrument Lessons

During the 2017-2018 school year, Secondary students will have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument through optional lunchtime small-group beginning instrument lessons. The aim of this one-year programme is for students to have an introduction to basic instrument technique, note-reading skills, musicianship and ensemble awareness, with the advantages of learning and working in a small group. Students also have the opportunity to take their instrument learning further by enrolling with one of our visiting ‘Voice and Instrument Programme’ (V.I.P.) teachers or with the Zumikon Musikschule.

Lunchtime small-group beginning instrument lessons will be offered on clarinet, saxophone, violin, trumpet and baritone. Instruments can be hired from one of the following:

- Musik Hug (Zurich): 044 269 41 41

- Musik Haus Bucher (Oerlikon): 044 312 58 43

- Musik Haus Gurtner (Meilen): 044 923 25 70

In order for students to get the most out of this learning experience, we expect students to commit to their instrument for at least one semester (ie. initially August-December). If you would like to enrol your child in a lunchtime small-group instrument lesson, please complete the online permission form below. Days that suit students will be worked out in the first few weeks of school.

Lunchtime Small-Group Beginning Instrument Lessons

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Voice & Instrument Lessons

Alongside the extra-curricular ensembles at ICS, students may also wish to take individual instrument lessons. In addition to the small-group beginning instrument lessons, students can learn instruments through the Voice and Instrument Programme, Zumikon Musikschule, or music teachers in the Zurich area.

Voice & Instrument Programme (V.I.P.)

ICS hosts several private instrument teachers each week, who offer after-school individual lessons. Current instruments on offer include: piano, voice, violin, viola, clarinet, saxophone guitar and drums. See the Music noticeboard outside the Music Practice Rooms or email for further information.

Zumikon Musikschule

ICS is pleased to have developed links with the Zumikon Musikschule (near the Zumikon Dorfplatz). The Musikschule offers private lessons on a range of instruments, including strings, wind, brass, piano, keyboard, drums, accordion, recorder, electric guitar/bass and harp. Their prices for ICS students are very reasonable and lessons are sometimes available in English. The Musikschule has two intakes each year, with application forms due several months in advance. For more information, visit or email

Instrument Teachers in Zurich

ICS also keeps a list of private instrument teachers in the Zurich area. Please contact for a copy.

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