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Scholarships Programme

ICS already offers scholarships to students from Nepal so they can study for their IB Diploma at ICS. In 2015 we are extending our Scholarship Programme to Afghanistan. We are working with humanitarian and UN representative Peter Dalglish, who helped us set up our Scholarship Programme and our partnership with SMD School in Kathmandu. (Below, hear Peter talk about his work during a visit to ICS in 2014.)

The first Afghan student to receive this scholarshp is Ahmad Mashkoori, 15. Applicants for our Afghanistan Scholarships are selected from among the students who go for English lessons to the UN compound in Kabul, where Peter has worked as a representative for UN-Habitat. The students come from all walks of life and are learning English to broaden their education and improve their life options. They regard the compound as a place of safety in a country affected by conflict, and have come to know UN compound staff very well. Peter has selected applicants from these students for scholarships at international schools, including ICS, so they can continue their studies.

Ahmad hopes that studying at ICS will broaden his experiences and help equip him to serve his country. He says: "Studying in ICS involves new methods of teaching with much experienced teachers. So I can use not only lessons I study there but I can get a lots of experience of living with the people of different nations, making new friends in a totally different society from mine."

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