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Students bottle essence of ICS

We recently challenged our students to show us their imagination and creativity in a 'Where in the world is my ICS water bottle?' competition. They really rose to the challenge!

"Over the autumn break," we said, "take the most original, beautiful or fun photos of your ICS water bottles that you can." By return, students sent in a range of delightful images of our bright orange water bottles.

Joint winner Filippo W sent a highly creative photo of a Ticino waterfall pouring into one of our bottles. Fellow winners Mathea and Eline I beautifully showed their water bottle diving in the sea surrounded by banner fish, while the third of our winners, Federico V, took a fun shot of a cow in Elm stretching out a thirsty tongue to lick an ICS bottle. We also gave special merit to a photograph by Felix and Mikkel S. Over the break they went into the forest near their house, used their penknives to make a raft and sent their water bottle on a journey downstream. That, in our opinion, was original, creative and fun.

And there were many other great photos - of Alfred Nobel having a sip of water, of ICS bottles journeying to Perth and Piccadilly Circus, of hippos, horses and koalas posing with the water bottle, and ICS families taking it on climbing trips and up mountains.

Thank you to everyone who took part. Enjoy the photos. And if this ICS photo competition has wetted your appetite, just wait for the next one...

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