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Winter Trainings

The Winter season runs from November to the end of February/early March. Depending on the team, trainings will start in the week of 21 November. They will finish between 6 and 13 March: athletes should check the team schedules for the final fixture date.

Winter Teams Winter Season Training Days, Times & Locations
Varsity Boys Basketball

Monday 16:00-18:00 at ICS Gym
Wednesday 16:00-18:00 at Farlifang

Junior Varsity Boys Basketball

Tuesday 16:30-18:00 at Farlifang
Thursday 15:45-17:30 atFarlifang

Middle School Boys Basketball
Wednesday 07:00-08:00 at ICS Gym (B-Team)
Wednesday 16:30-18:00 at ICS Gym (A-Team)
Friday 15:45-17:00 at Farlifang
(All Teams)

Varsity Girls Basketball

Tuesday 16:30-18:00 at ICS Gym
Thursday 16:30-18:00 at ICS

Middle School Girls Basketball
Monday 15:45-17:30 at Farlifang
Thursday 15:45-17:30 at Farlifang

High School Badminton
Monday 16:30-18:00 at Farlifang
Wednesday 15:45-17:30 at Farlifang

Grades 4-5 Boys
Indoor Football
Monday 15:30-16:30 at Farlifang
Grades 4-5 Girls
Indoor Football
Wednesday 15:30-16:30 at ICS Gym
Grades 2-3 Co-Ed
Indoor Football
Thursday 15:30-16:30 at ICS Gym
Primary Swimming
Thursday 07:00-08:00 at Fohrbach Pool Zollikon
Middle School Swimming

Tuesday 07:00-08:00 at Juch Pool Zumikon
Thursday 07:00-08:00 at Juch Pool Zumikon
High School Swimming

Wednesday 07:00-08:00 at Juch Pool Zumikon
Friday 16:00-17:00 at Fohrbach Pool Zollikon
Sunday - times & locations TBC

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