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ICS G3s "Feel the Earth Move" in Zurich
Posted 03/10/2017 13:21

ETH focusTerra museum

In their new Unit of Inquiry, How the World Works, our G3 students have started studying the natural world and its laws as well as the interaction between the natural world and human societies. They are learning that the earth experiences changes that impact people and the environment.

Supporting this inquiry, our G3s recently visited the ETH's focusTerra, an inspiring new museum which explains the geologic processes in and on our planet in an easily understandable way. Two Master students from the museum took the students on a journey through the fascinating history and dynamics of how the earth was formed, how earthquakes are triggered and what makes volcanoes erupt.

FocusTerra hosts an earthquake simulator. The facility, weighing 3 tonnes, simulates the ground motion of earthquakes up to intensity 8. Using real recorded seismic signals and with no risk, our G3s experienced the phenomenon of an "earthquake", also learning that earthquakes are nothing if not unpredictable, so preparedness is key.

Before leaving focusTerra, students had ample time to explore the remaining exhibits, learning more about how the Alps were formed, what fossils tell us about the origin of life and what the climate was like in the past on planet Earth and Swiss Polar Research.

The visit to focusTerra provided Grade 3 students with inspiration - encouraging, explaining and fostering their own responsible engagement with the natural world.

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