Commitment to the ICS Mission

The school's Leadership Team has a profound commitment to the ICS Mission of helping students to ‘achieve their potential, pursue their passions and fulfil their responsibilities.’


Lucy M. Gowdie

Head of School


Lucy Gowdie became the seventh Head of School at ICS in August 2022. Prior to her appointment she was the Deputy Head of Peninsula Grammar School on the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne, Victoria.

With over 20 years in both national and international education, Lucy believes that learning is the work, and that the commitment to the vocation that is education should rightly place the students at the centre of all we do.

Leading her to ICS was the school’s mission, its commitment to service as action, the strength of the International Baccalaureate, and the unique and vibrant culture of a school with over sixty years of history in Zurich.

With a Master’s Degree in International Education and Policy from the University of Sydney, Lucy believes in the potential of robust policy, defined by clear and transparent processes, so as to enable best practice in education.

Ardent in her belief that the education of the whole child stems from the strength of partnerships with parents, the solidarity of the entire community, and the quality of the educators charged with inspiring learning; she is energised to arrive at a school which has all of this in abundance.

Lucy Gowdie, Head of School


A unique environment, ICS unites all that is powerful about international education so as to propel our young people towards a purposeful tomorrow. Centred on the creation of life-long learners, it is a diverse and inclusive school, a place that inspires all to pursue success across any endeavour. Ms Lucy M. Gowdie, Head of School

Our Senior Leadership Team

ICS fosters a learning environment that supports students to take risks and try new ventures in their learning. Our students are taught to think critically, ask questions and solve problems. In addition, we have a community like no other, and it does not take long for new students and families to feel at home here. 

If you are a parent considering ICS for your children, you can learn more about our school on these web pages and by connecting with the Admission Team. We hope you will have the chance to visit our campus and community soon and we look forward to meeting you in person.

ICS Leadership Team

Left to right

James Penstone, Secondary Principal
Lucy M. Gowdie, Head of School
Nathaniel Atherton, Primary Principal



Extended Leadership Team

School Executive Team

Lucy M. Gowdie
Head of School

James Penstone
Secondary Principal

Nathaniel Atherton
Primary Principal

Cristian Garcia
Chief Financial Officer

Simona Philipowitz
Human Resources Strategy and Development Manager

Andrew Osborne
School Services Manager 

Educational Leadership Team

Lucy M. Gowdie
Head of School

Nathaniel Atherton
Primary Principal

Janice Boucher
Deputy Primary Principal

James Penstone
Secondary Principal

Elinor Osborne
Deputy Secondary Principal

Claire Febrey
Primary Years Programme Coordinator

Graham Gardner
Middle Years Programme Coordinator

Alexandra Carlin
IB Coordinator



ICS History

Discover the oldest international school in the Greater Zurich Area. 

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Directions to ICS

A short drive or tram ride from downtown Zurich, our school is easily reached by car, bus, train and bicycle.

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