Primary Clubs

Lunchtime and After School Clubs

Lunchtime and After School Clubs provide fantastic opportunities for students to extend their learning and pursue their passions. Plus, students value the chance to collaborate with their friends in a setting outside the classroom.

Lunchtime Clubs

Music, athletics, performing arts, academics, visual arts...lunchtime clubs offer something for everyone. These clubs are a fun and low-key way to learn a new skill or practice a favourite pursuit.

  • Violin Club
  • Creative Lego
  • Dance Theatre
  • Sewing Club
  • Badminton
  • Yoga
  • Active Games
  • Mini Green Guardians
  • Maths Quest
  • Floor/Field Hockey
  • Art Jam
  • Round Square
  • Just Dance
  • ICS Student Ambassador Club
  • Drawing Club
  • Wonders of watercolor
  • Lunch Club
  • Baking

After School Clubs

After School Clubs are a great extension of the classroom curriculum. Students can use them for additional support in a topic or to build expertise in a skill they already know well.

  • Makerspace
  • Cooking Club
  • German Club
  • Engineering Club
  • Football

The ICS campus also hosts the following courses led by experienced providers

TechSpark Academy - (ages 8-18)

  • Code in Python
  • Photography & Film
  • Hacker Mode: Cyber Security
  • Animation
  • Game Design

InterSoccer (ages 3-12)
Football camps designed for boys and girls of all abilities.

  • Full day camps - (ages 5 - 12)
  • Morning only camps - ( ages 3 - 5)

Jazz dance, Acrobatics & Stretch (ages 7-11)

Ballet & Rhythm (ages 3-6) 

Tennis Camps

Stork International Tennis Academy offers tennis camps for ICS students (ages 5-18) at the Sports Center Stork.

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