Preschool / Kindergarten

Outstanding Care

The Preschool and Kindergarten environment provides students in the early years with an exceptional opportunity to grow as inquisitive individuals. Our students become creators, collaborators and communicators with a passion for asking questions and finding solutions.

We promote the desire to learn through thoughtfully planned experiences where we encourage children to connect with and contribute to their world. Children learn best when they are happy in a nurturing environment.

Our Preschool/Kindergarten, known as our Early Years Programme, is designed for our youngest students, ages 3–6. Children in EY1 (age 3), EY2 (age 4) and Kindergarten (age 5) follow the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP), which shares our ideals about children as learners.

My daughter goes to school happy and we have seen her become less shy and more independent.
Elena P, ICS Kindergarten Parent

Primary Years Programme (PYP)

A strong Early Years Programme develops and extends the powerful learning skills the young child brings into the classroom – that natural capacity to learn, combined with their curiosity and their openness to experience and understanding. The Early Years Programme at ICS harnesses these innate capacities and creates a firm foundation for the higher-order skills upon which your child's future learning will be built.

Underpinning the rigorous learning that takes place every day and everywhere in the EY classroom is a great deal of thought, research and design. The design of classroom experiences is guided by the PYP curriculum, which forms a tight framework of core skills and knowledge, such as literacy and numeracy, which young children need. In addition, as students pursue their inquiry projects, thinking, collaboration, research and social skills are developed. These skills are practiced, challenged and built upon throughout the Early Years Programme.

The Early Years Programme represents a transition, from home to school. It takes advantage of the natural curiosity and perseverance that children show in their play and directs this into their own inquiries. To look into an Early Years classroom is to see a highly thoughtful place. It is full of mini-projects being managed by individual students and by teams. Teachers challenge students by changing the environment, introducing new materials, asking questions and constantly assessing for understanding and for the new learning experiences each individual student needs in order to grow. A rigorous Early Years classroom sees inquiries happen everywhere and throughout the curriculum and subject areas.

The Early Years Programme at ICS provides the gateway to the future for your child. It provides a rigorous education that teaches core knowledge and nurtures inquiry, critical thinking and skills for life.

Parents are also encouraged to take full advantage of the social and community-building activities offered by the ICS Parents’ Association.

Early Years 1 and Nursery

Parents can choose a combination of mornings (8:15-12:15) and/or afternoons (12:15-15:15) for an individualized schedule. Attendance must amount to a minimum of four half-days or two full days per week. All children entering the Early Years Programme must be toilet trained.

Early Years 2 and Kindergarten

Early Years 2 is for children who are 4 years old by 1 September, and Kindergarten is for children who are 5 by that date. Both programmes offer full days (8:15–15:15) and attendance is for 5 days/week. Language instruction in German is part of the programme.

The gateway to your child's future is open. Step through it together.

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Bilingual Strand

Children can enter the bilingual strand to learn both English and German within the classroom setting. Both languages are then used throughout the day to support their learning.

The idea is to make the German language a normal part of everyone’s day; then the students see a purpose. The language is meaningful and it's embedded with what the children do every day in class.
Mrs C, Head of Primary German

Early Years Nursery

Early Years 1 is for children age 3 years by 1 September. Younger children who turn 3 after September 1 attend the Early Years Nursery class. This programme gently supports children as they develop friendships, discover independence and explore learning in a nurturing and caring environment. Children welcomed into the Nursery join Early Years 1 the following school year.

In the Early Years’ classrooms students make strong choices – they negotiate, persevere and share resources. They learn an array of vital social skills that will serve them throughout life.
Mr Edwards, Primary Principal

Before and After School Care

ICS offers an extended care programme before and after school. Please see here for details.