Middle School

Extraordinary Teachers

Our inspiring teachers challenge students, set high expectations, and enable your children to realise they are capable of more than they had ever imagined in our Middle School.


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Middle School at ICS comprises Grades 6–10. Our team of teachers and specialists are dedicated to each child, starting with immense support on the transition to Grade 6 from Primary School. Students learn with and from children from different countries in a highly caring community. Teachers collaborate to create a supportive, enabling and engaging learning environment. And we offer learning opportunities and experiences both within and beyond our academic programme. 

What I like at ICS is that the education here is very good for the well-being of the child. There is a focus on children’s social and emotional education, as well as academic.
Laetitia J, ICS Grade 7 Parent

Community Spirit

ICS is a community of learners and has a strong community spirit. In addition, we regularly schedule learning events that bring older and younger students to work together. This adds to the positive and friendly learning environment across the school.

In and out of the classroom

Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning, to recognise their strengths and strive to reach their potential both in and out of the classroom.

Student progress and success

Student progress and success are important. Grades and reports provide an important assessment of academic progress, but we also recognise student achievement and success in all aspects of ICS life — whether it is participating in sports teams, facing challenges on an expedition, taking part in school shows, being a member of the Student Council or giving service. These activities, and others, provide valuable learning opportunities and experiences for our Middle School students.

Please see here for answers to frequently asked questions about the IB Middle Years Programme.

My child is ready to reach new heights

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Meaningful and lasting learning demands patience; it is not immediate. Rote learning of factual knowledge provides immediate gratification when a student gets it right. But this type of knowledge will not survive unless we help students to transfer it into a richer way of thinking. The IB curriculum at ICS provides multiple opportunities for students to access this kind of learning experience.
ICS Middle School Teachers