Learning Support

Learning Support

ICS welcomes a diverse student population with a broad spectrum of learning styles and aptitudes. Experienced learning support specialists ensure that all students successfully engage with the curriculum.

primary school students at the learning support department, international school

Our Learning Support Department at ICS works to provide the necessary support needed for students to receive an education that develops their full potential. We do all of the following:

  • encourage students with learning challenges to recognise their strengths and talents;
  • provide the necessary support for students with learning challenges to access the curriculum;
  • ensure that students with learning challenges are fully participating members of the school community;
  • establish and maintain strong links between home and school; and,
  • encourage the students we work with to be responsible for their own behaviour.

Please see the Learning Support document to find information about the services offered and the resources available to support learning.

For students with more complex learning, ICS has established an Extended Learning Needs programme.

ICS goes beyond offering a good programme - its programme delivery is exceptional

Accreditation & Affiliation

Recognising Strengths and Talents

Students with learning difficulties are supported by experienced Learning Support staff, class and specialised teachers. Teachers help students learn independently and productively, providing the necessary support for students to access the curriculum. Speech and Language services are available at ICS and specialist teachers assist students in recognising their strengths and talents.