Learning@Home was successfully launched for Preschool, Primary, Secondary and Diploma students, proving that at ICS "Learning Happens Everywhere." 


The ICS Learning@Home Programme 

ICS began monitoring and updating its community about the global situation regarding the Coronavirus in December 2019. As the COVID-19 situation continued to rapidly develop, ICS made the necessary preparations to respond if needed with an online learning programme. The ICS community was kept updated with the launch of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) webpage. With the safety and security of the school community as its top priority, ICS made the decision to act with an abundance of caution on Thursday 12 March. The community was informed that the school would transition to its online Learning@Home Programme on Wednesday 18 March 2020. 

On behalf of all of my colleagues on the ICS Board of Trustees I would like to congratulate you for enabling us to commemorate sixty years to the day since Gerald & Kay Atkinson founded the Inter-Community School of Zurich, by successfully launching Learning@Home this morning, thereby extending the ICS experience beyond the classroom into our students' homes.Mr S. Premchand, Chair, ICS Board of Trustees

As ICS Learning@Home moves forward following the Spring Break, our teachers are fully prepared to continue supporting and motivating our Preschool, Primary, Secondary and Diploma students in their online learning programmes.

Learning@Home is all about connecting with others and continuing to foster “depth” in our relationships with students, staff and parents. In the L@H experience nurturing and developing the fabric of care and social emotional support becomes vital to the delivery of the programme itself. As a community based school we know our strength is in providing a solid platform of wellbeing and safety so that our students can continue to thrive.Mrs Campbell, Head of School

primary school students at the learning support department, international school

Primary Students

Preschool, Grades 1 to 5

For ICS Preschool and Primary students, Learning@Home means completing assigned tasks with their own individualized and flexible learning schedules. From the start, our students have been using their organisational and management skills to participate in Learning@Home core activities for the recommended time each day, with support from adults at home.

Making use of teachers’ slide shows of daily schedules, the Preschool and Primary students organize their learning time with assistance from parents, as needed. In the morning, our students are greeted by a lively Morning Message from their teachers before their Learning@Home day begins, with scheduled slots for PE, Reading, Maths, German, Unit of Inquiry, Language/Writing and the Arts. 

As the ICS Learning@Home experience moves forward in an “out of classroom” situation, our youngest students in Preschool to our Grade 5 Primary students communicate, collaborate and take responsibility for aspects of their learning, gaining confidence and progressing as independent and self-reflective learners.



Secondary Students

Maintaining a daily routine, completing relevant learning tasks, and looking after one's own well-being are all part of our Secondary students' Learning@Home experience.

A daily timetable is certainly something ICS Secondary students are accustomed to maintaining when regular classes are in session. Now that Learning@Home is firmly in place, students often complete activities for each of their subjects at the same time of the week as they would normally have the lesson.

Teachers have short lesson summaries prepared for students at the start of the day which may include a link to another place where activities are stored or contain written instructions. Teachers may also contact students one-to-one by using the students' ICS email accounts. It is important to note that students are deliberately not expected to use a computer for all the tasks and activities that have been set by their teachers. 


Feedback from ICS Parents

We would like to thank ICS parents for the exceptional support they have demonstrated for the Learning@Home programme and share some of the positive feedback we have been receiving.

Keep up the good work! Really impressed to see the level of preparedness at the school for dealing with this situation.Grade 11 Parent
Great school and amazing set up for Learning@Home. Proud to send her to ICS.Grade 8 Parent
The school team has done a FANTASTIC job. My husband and I are in awe of how well the programme is organized and how well the kids are guided through, I only have positive comments.Grade 3 Parent


In addition to completing Learning@Home tasks and assignments, all students are strongly encouraged to look after their own wellbeing and should reward themselves after spending a good portion of their day with their studies. By switching their attention from active learning to a period of rest and relaxation, students can reflect on things that have gone well and try to let go of the day's problems. PHE teachers have recommended exercises for students to stay physically active throughout the week.

I must say it has been an absolute pleasure to observe the students working with such focus and resilience. I have really enjoyed the online lessons, and each and every student has brought sunshine and smiles into every single day.ICS Teacher

As both our Secondary and Primary students move forward with their daily learning, communicating, collaborating and reflecting during these challenging times, we say a sincere "well done" to them for their enthusiasm and engagement and wish them continued success with Learning@Home. 

I am so impressed with the focus and creativity with which students are independently approaching their learning.ICS Teacher

Spring Break - Extra Activities for ICS Students

During the second week of the spring break, ICS students are invited to participate in a wide range of additional complimentary extra activities.

Ranging from IB Diploma reviews to cooking or singing, to name just a few of the courses being offered, ICS students from Preschool through to the Diploma Programme have been invited to learn a new skill, explore an interest or enrich their curricular programme. 

As part of its highly successful Learning@Home Programme, these activities will be available on weekdays from Tuesday 14 April to Monday 20 April.


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We are super pleased and would like to thank the ICS staff for their great work.Grade 12 Parent
Both boys have really impressed us with their independence and motivation to learn. The chance to join video chats with the teacher and classmates is really appreciated. We also appreciate the structure of the timetable remaining the same which has really helped in Secondary.Grade 4 & 7 Parent
I am very impressed at how fast ICS got the online learning programme up and running. Also thankful for the great engagement from the teachers and the material produced.Grade 5 Parent