Language Learning

Language Learning

At ICS we are committed to encouraging and expanding students’ language skills and awareness; we believe that in a changing world being multilingual is a necessity.

students expanding their language skills and awareness, international school

We encourage students to maintain and develop their mother tongue as this is important for their cultural identity and cognitive development. We recognise that having mother-tongue skills also helps students in learning additional languages.

Language Learning and Your Child was the theme of the Leadership Coffee Morning workshop in April. Members of the ICS German Department shared how ICS and parents work together to foster our students' German language acquisition. Sprichst du Deutsch? Pathways to Success In German, Connections Summer 2017

English is our language of instruction.

German is the language of our host community and holds an important place in the ICS curriculum where it is studied by all students up to Grade 10. Students may also choose to study German up to Grade 12.

We also offer Secondary students a choice of Spanish and French. Grade 11 & 12 students may opt for Beginner's Italian (Italian ab initio). They may also study other languages as a Self-Taught Language.

In the Language Learning document, you will find information about the services offered, and the resources available, to support language learning.

Our students are taught to think critically, ask questions and solve problems

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Students and staff participate in the annual school-wide 'Drop Everything and Read' (D.E.A.R.) event, promoting awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.