Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

Our Digital Citizenship Programme prepares students to adapt and contribute responsibly to our changing world. students learning with their laptops at the library and media centre as part of the digital citizenship programme, international school

We have an explicit digital citizenship policy designed to promote responsible and safe use of technological platforms. Families can also become members of our media centre.

ICS believes that Information and Communications Technology plays an essential role in inspiring learners to achieve their potential, pursue their passions and fulfil their responsibilities.

We encourage students to develop and apply their technology skills in integrated ways, in line with the standards created by the International Society for Technology in Education.

All students in Grades 3 -12 are given their own individual login and password to access the school network with school-assigned digital devices (iPads, desktops, Chromebooks and laptops). They are also assigned a school email account with ICS G Suite for Education. This supports collaboration and communication with their teachers and peers.

(For Grades 3 and 4 only, this email account is limited to use within the domain. These students cannot send emails outside our school environment or receive emails from outside. This 'walled garden' approach is an important step in encouraging younger students to become responsible users of email and is part of our Digital Citizenship Programme at ICS.)

Internet Access

The school has security filtering for all internet-enabled devices (but not 3G/4G/LTE) to prevent access to offensive and inappropriate sites from school premises, including hacking and fraud sites.

Social media sites are available on our school network and through our Digital Citizenship programme we engage all students in understanding responsible use of social media to support learning.

The school may check computers and devices and monitor internet sites visited in the interest of the safety of all users.

We congratulate ICS graduates as they step out into the world and travel to new and challenging horizons

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