After School Activities

After School Activities 

Through after school activities, students explore new interests and form strong bonds with classmates. The activities also support academic performance by developing skills in time management, organization, and responsibility. 

The after school activities offered are in the categories Music & Dance; Coding & Tech; Wellness; Speech & Debate and Sport Activities.


Junior Digital Discovery: Coding & Robotics with LEGO WeDo

Inspiring young minds to learn and create with technology! These sessions are designed to introduce younger students to the fundamentals of programming and robotics using interactive coding blocks, LEGO WeDo robotics projects and lots of fun adventures with Dash & Dot bots.

Junior Coders Lab: 3D Game Design

Taking block coding to a NEW level! In this course, students put their Scratch and visual programming skills to a test and introduce new exciting challenges. Students combine real world and virtual world in their 3D AR games. They learn to add special effects to camera feed and use hand gestures to interact with virtual game elements.

Art & Painting

Children learn numerous painting techniques using a range of materials. They paint a variety of subjects including nature, animals, flowers, people and objects.


This yoga class focuses on connecting breath with movement to cultivate a sense of calm, improve concentration and increase strength and flexibility.

Kitchen Fun: Healthy Cooking & Baking

Children discover new foods and develop their cooking skills as they learn how to make healthy snacks and no-bake goods such as cocoa energy balls. All information is presented in a fun and engaging way for the children to enjoy and understand. Children also receive a folder full of recipes of the snacks that they have made during the course.

The Sound Playground 

The Sound Playground offers a step-by-step learning musical programme with a firm foundation in the voice. In a playful atmosphere children learn a variety of songs, musical games, and musical notation. Listening, rhythm, pitch and pulse are explored through instrumental activities and games. There is also access to instruments and creative musical play. 

Introduction to Speech & Debate

Students learn in a fun and inclusive environment how to improve their voice projection, eye contact, poise, and expression when giving a speech or involved in a debate. Contemporary topics are selected and the regulations are outlined clearly so that students feel confident when thinking on their feet and expressing their arguments in a powerful manner.

ICS Talks and The Competent Communicator

Tailored for IB students, this course provides participants a valuable toolkit of skills to use when composing and delivering a speech. Students discover how to craft an impactful script and perform it with confidence. They learn how to incorporate visuals and props, and respond to questions from the audience.  

Hip Hop & Breakdance

Come and learn all the basic steps for Hip Hop & Breakdance. In this course students learn what the different types of Hip Hop and Breakdance are during fun and engaging lessons. They improve their confidence as they learn how to focus their attention, interact with others and develop self-discipline. Each lesson includes a warm up, basic moves training and choreography training.

Cheer & Pom Dance

In this course, students improve their confidence as they learn the newest dance moves. The pompoms add a great element of enjoyment for young dancers as they learn to move to the latest Hip Hop tunes. Most importantly, though, this activity supports children to develop strength and flexibility while improving their fitness levels.


In a fun and playful environment, this course will develop a wide variety of ball skills, place an emphasis on individual participation, and give the necessary confidence to overcome any fears or anxieties about playing sport. By the end of the programme, your child will have a high degree of sports competence.


InterSoccer offers fun football courses for boys and girls of all abilities. Qualified international coaches provide professional, fresh & fun training activities. Students improve their skills & techniques, and there are lots of small-sided matches. 

Tennis Lessons

This is a comprehensive group tennis lesson programme for students of all ages and ability levels. It is designed to maximize fun, exercise and individual improvement. Taught by professional tennis coaches, it provides analysis of technique and development of skills. Singles and Doubles play, plus exciting group drills and games.

Please note that this course takes place at Sportcenter Stork.

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