Learning beyond the classroom

Students benefit from learning in many different ways, and at ICS, our classroom work is combined with outdoor activities that help students build skills and confidence.


ICS Field Trips

Field trips are a very important part of our educational programme and at ICS we place a high value on learning through experience. Our residential field trips and one-day curricular trips have a powerful effect on children's development and allow students to learn first-hand in a different and real-life context.

We provide a variety of outdoor activities, cultural experiences, and educational fieldwork for students throughout the year from Grades 2 to 11, with Grade 12 attending curriculum trips to enhance their learning. 

These trips are designed to fulfil a range of educational objectives, connect to interdisciplinary learning experiences, and CAS and Service-Learning objectives where possible.

Primary Residential Field Trips

Students in Grades 2 to 5 celebrate the culmination of the academic year with residential field trips in which they travel across the region to alpine areas such as Zermatt and Engelberg. Students engage in a rich programme of activities that connect to local language, culture, and adventure.

These overnight trips provide fabulous opportunities for young people to grow, develop social skills and foster a sense of independence. As part of our culture of care, ICS spends time prior to trips working with students to ensure they are ready for residential trips from both an organisational and social-emotional standpoint.

The residential trips are always a highlight of the year and students enjoy this wonderful experience. 


Experiential Learning & Language Immersion

Grade 3 - ICS Research Pond

Secondary Residential Field Trips

Our Secondary Residential field trips are split into one venue for each grade level. The aim is to positively develop each cohort’s grade level culture away from the school.
While different groups will have different activities during the day, this format allows all students in a grade level to interact with one another within an engaging setting.

The students’ tutors and support tutors attend the trip and participate in the activities, further strengthening the sense of shared culture within the grade level.
These residential field trips are readily accessible by train or bus transport, respecting our school’s commitment to lessening our collective carbon footprint.



Sports at ICS

We understand the importance of physical activity in a student’s life, and offer a comprehensive Physical Education and Sports Programme.

LEARN about our Sports Programme

Arts at ICS

Students at ICS develop an understanding and appreciation of a variety of art forms - from visual arts to drama and music.