Giving students agency 

Design & Technology at ICS is about communication and sharing concepts. The best ideas come from conversations and testing whether concepts are viable in the real world. 


At ICS, we have noticed that Design Education is becoming increasingly important in today's world, where technology and innovation are driving rapid change across many industries. In step with its importance, we have seen increased interest and growth in our Secondary Design programme, while in Primary, we have seen increasing examples of how student learning in all subject domains often leans on the skills of design.

The enhanced offering of design affords unique opportunities for our students to develop their creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills in a fun and engaging way. As we organise teaching and learning across new disciplines, our learners discover authentic and relevant approaches that make learning meaningful.

Design & Technology in the Primary School

In response to this, the Primary school decided to begin a unique Primary Design programme. While Design Education has been a focus in Secondary schools for many years, formal approaches to Design Education in Primary schools are still a new frontier. Our design programme, supported by Andrew Bell, is one of the first of its kind among PYP schools.

By introducing our young students to design thinking, we are preparing them for future careers and equipping them with the skills they need to adapt to a constantly evolving world. Our Primary Design programme is a blend of digital and physical design, which allows students to explore a wide range of design concepts and tools. Through hands-on activities, students learn about design principles, prototyping, and user-centred design, as well as gain proficiency in various digital design software.

Design & Technology in the Secondary School

The Design department has been working with Grade 6 to 9 students in aiding them to be independent and critical thinkers in problem-solving. In Grade 10, we demonstrate practically and theoretically how we use and adapt the design cycle to solve a problem and produce a solution. When students embark on their first Grade 10 project, they have agency to choose how to tackle a problem. The students work on unique projects, all learning from each other and inspiring further solutions.

Our school’s Design faculty members encourage students to discuss and evaluate ideas with their peers, parents, and teachers in order to obtain optimal results. Designing is about communication and sharing concepts. The best ideas come from conversations and testing whether concepts are viable in the real world. 



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