ICS Houses

ICS Houses

ICS "Houses" promote school spirit, participation, and friendly competition.

ICS has four "houses", each made up of staff and students across all year levels from Preschool & Kindergarten to Grade 12. Siblings and family members are always placed into the same house. The house system gives students from all grades of ICS opportunities to interact; build school spirit; make new friendships; create a sense of identity and belonging; promote participation and competition; and develop student leadership and student voice.

The four houses are based on four famous Swiss peaks: Eiger, Jungfrau, Matterhorn and Pilatus. A group of Middle School students developed logos for each of the houses and wrote chants that students can sing at assemblies. House captains are student leaders whose primary responsibility is organising spirit themed events and encouraging house spirit at all ICS events.

In the Middle School, students can earn points through their participation in school events: spirit weeks; sports teams; music concerts or ensembles; Battle of The Books (BOB); Winter Dance; Trivia Night; and the House Variety Show. House themed shirts with logos are available for students, staff and families to purchase and the Middle School students all receive a house wristband so that they may show off their house colours at special events.

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Eiger, Jungfrau, Matterhorn and Pilatus - not just names of famous mountain peaks in our host country, Switzerland, but also names of the 4 'Houses' here at ICS